Zulu – The Pop Optimus Prime

Hatching from an egg of talent in Kwamashu, a township of many role models and entertainers, Afro-pop singer and performer Prime Zulu publicizes his world in the “pop dimension”. Doing it with a loud chord by his character presentation, an extremely or best call it exceedingly essential appeal in the youthful music industry.

Inspired by his father, Muziwakhe Petros Zulu, who had great enthusiasm for music, Prime developed his own ambition to become one of the best pop Stars in Africa. “For the unbelievable sense of sound and musical translations that I have today, I strongly believe the credit goes to my father. The thought and memory of making it to and through platforms such as the Idols cleared my sense of reality in this career path.”

Prime appreciates one of the greatest miracles that occurred in his life, recognising it as a time after he underwent a tragic birth in the 11th month through a manual contraction. He has miraculously passed the life expectancy which had been predicted by his doctors at birth, and is still fighting to climb the ladder of “all it takes…”

His musical experience has afforded him opportunities to associate with big names in the industry such as Lady Smith Black Mambazo, when he lead their famous song Homeless; a collabo with Black Coffee, Oskido and had one of the best mentors for his musical journey such as the likes of Kahn Mobbee, one of the members of SA musical band The Parlotones.

Prime, if I were an agent that meant your biggest dream becoming true and the only assurance I need is something that the rest of the flock doesn’t have…give me something impressively unique.

If my biggest dream were to come true I personally think that first and utmost, It will shed a few minutes of baggage off my shoulders and off the shoulders that carried me till now, and definitely a turning point For me and for every soul that need or wish me a breakthrough and encouraging a few people’s or handful, and that my art will be appreciated by the whole universe, which is finally being part of something big and securing the existence of my craft and my approach towards music.

What challenges did you first encounter at the earliest stages of your career and how did you overcome those challenges?

I had a tough time defining the kind of artist to become and what specific genre to do. I think its due to the fact that music calls and you respond but I couldn’t make out what to stick to because my voice responded to every sound/genre. I somehow overcame the challenge by staying true to the way I started singing, and opened a room for growing and learning from other fellow musicians who are already established.

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From Kwamashu, your roots, how many of you from the same calibre are actually deemed successful?

I was born in Kwamashu and made by the streets I walked. Kwamashu being a very strong and productive township for its small size, it has produced a gigantic number of talented Individuals. From the old till now and continuing doing so, more talent is emerging as we speak.

List a few characters or roles which you would never play, as a result of maintaining important values in life?

As a result of maintaining values of my life, I find a small factor/element playing a big role on destroying the purpose of a harmonious universe or  society which is arrogance, giving arise to all that destroys our future leaders in all fields and aspects of life. That being said it evokes limitations to a creative mind or character, that’s heard in my singing I never limit myself in achieving a great sound that accommodates the young and the old.

What basic principles did you reap out of performing alongside well regarded Isicathamiya group Lady Smith Black Mambazo?

In my music career I’ve been one of the fortunate or should I say the luckiest, performing alongside the four Grammy Award winning African Music (Isicathamiya) group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. That being said, it has taught me life lessons of endurance and consistency in a positive manner.

What message are you trying to portray through your music and character? To every child out there that still has their whole life ahead of them? Remember there’s always at least one child looking up to each person.

My music and character has a significant note to it, and that is being appreciative of the gifts and blessing one is trusted to share and nurture for growth to impact the young and the old. I believe the world was designed for revolution and for good change.

Name two big names with which you wish collaboration for your career in future. Don’t be shy to aim BIG.

In collaborating I always aim high! I would love to collaborate with international artists as I think it is a goal of every artist out there. Making a song with Beyonce would put me on an international scale in an instance. I’ve actually written songs to fit a lot of international sensations maybe one day I will meet them. Also I have much respect for our local artists that have dominated in the industry – I can mention a few names like Sjava and Ami Faku. They have this natural effortless elements to their sound that truly makes South Africa to be recognized for musical greatness. Working within the emerging genres such as Gqom and Amapianos and undying Maskandi, to sustain what we started as a country.

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What’s to expected of Prime Zulu by the end of this year?

What I am hoping to achieve in my career is being put on the map alongside names that have conquered beyond measures like Destruction Boys. From a small talent-rich town to be globally recognized, and getting an award or two for my hard work will fulfill not only mine but the dreams of my forefathers!

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