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Checkpoint: A look into Ronmas’ free Business and Life Talks Sessions

It has officially been 4 weeks since the start of Ronmas’ 8-week free business and life talk sessions featuring various minds in business and the community, sharing gems about how to succeed at life, and economically. Every Thursday since May 6th  2021, live from Facebook, YouTube (NTV) and Lokuhle FM, audiences have had the privilege of being educated, motivated and provided with practical life hacks aimed at encouraging growth. This article will take a look at some of the knowledge we have gathered as we pass the halfway mark towards session 8.

  1. You can start from zero, with zero.

Guest speaker and Entrepreneur, Mr. Sandile Ngobe, gave a brief overview of his own personal struggles. He came from humble beginnings and created something, essentially from nothing. The moral of the story is to convey and normalize the idea that where you start in life does not need to be where you end, as long as you are determined and willing to rigorously apply yourself. Mr. Ngobe goes on to explain, “The trials that you face in childhood, or life generally, can build character. These struggles are a form of training through which you can develop resilience.”  These are valuable traits that can aid your journey. As a young man Mr. Ngobe lost his father which presented a situation within which he had to quickly develop a way to help sustain himself and his family, which is how he started selling and developing a passion for business.  Whatever it is that you want to pursue in life, the secret is to begin today with whatever you have.

  1. Failure is part of the process

It is important to understand that failure is not a testament to one’s incapabilities, it is rather evidence of   work in progress. The journey does not end when one fails, but rather when one quits. The emphasis in this case is put on the idea that you can’t win if you don’t participate, and you certainly cannot triumph if you give up at every obstacle. Learning to fail ‘correctly’ is key. Use it as a learning curve and take that lesson into your future endeavours.

  1. Hustling is about knocking on closed doors

In a country where resources are scarce and opportunities are limited, it is imperative to be able to create possibilities, even when there are none.  Self-proclaimed ‘restless hustler’, Nontuthukelo Lekhuleni, is a radio broadcaster, club DJ and an embodiment of what it means to pursue multiple streams of income to get you closer to your goals financially.  She notes, “when doors close on you, open up the windows” what this means is that you have to be able to adapt when situations change, and be willing to look for alternative ways to still achieve your goals. Miss. Lekhuleni was affected by the retrenchments within the broadcasting industry but was able to fall back on her other engagements, thanks to her hustle. “I learned how to DJ from a local youngster, in order to propel myself into the musical space and increase my platform in that way”. She informs of how important it is to be humble and able to coexist with other people within this process.

  1. Your small business can receive non-financial support from SEDA

Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) Enhlanzeni Branch manager, Mr. Ishmael Mmbadi joined Ronmas to share how small businesses can benefit from this organisation. SEDA assists all types of businesses by providing business development services, access to market and access to finance. Your business can get assistance in the following ways:

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a) Business talk – for individuals who have not started a business yet but have an idea. SEDA will help assess ideas, give viable advice, provide training and if necessary, help register the company.

b) Business start- once a business idea has been deemed as a viable enterprise, you may be referred to an incubator to help develop the product (if needed) and test whether it is market ready. Assess whether you have financial resources to sustain the business. Thereafter, provided with a market plan/research.

c) Business Grow- SEDA assits with ensuring that the business does not grow beyond what it is able to supply and provides mentorship for new business owners to learn from experienced ones.

d) Business Build- At this stage of development, SEDA can assist a business by assessing company operations, providing mentorship and the possibility of franchising.

  1. There are various funding opportunities for your business through SEFA

Mr. Sabelo Mamba, provincial manager at SEFA (Small Enterprise Finance Agency) Mpumalanga, shared information on how businesses can receive a financial boost from this organization. It is noted that access to finance is one of the biggest obstacles to small businesses in South Africa, SEFA therefore attempts to bridge this gap by offering loans through direct and wholesale lending of up to R15m. More information can be retrieved from SEFA’s website.

Ronmas’ Business and Life talks have proven to be an all-rounder so far, covering growth tips from a personal and professional point of view; and it is only halfway through! Be sure to catch more of these valuable pieces of advice and information every Thursday evening between 6pm-7pm on Facebook (Ronmas SA), YouTube (Channel N-TV) and on Lokuhle FM among other streaming platforms. Remember that whatever you desire to be, YOU CAN BE!

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