William Lehong: The 2019 Takeover King

Sinalo Mrwebo

With a 10-year track record in the entertainment industry, it comes as no surprise why William Lehong has sustained longevity within the field and continues to rise beyond expectations.

In 2007, Lehong joined reputable station, Radio 702 and subsequently joined youth radio station, Y-Fm. This placed his name on the lips of young South Africans during his news and sports presentation.

In 2011, William finally got his big break as well as the privilege to host his ‘The Pyjama Party Weekend Show’ on one of South Africa’s biggest radio stations- Metro Fm. No later within the same year he was recruited as a sports anchor by eNCA – which is regarded as a prominent news channel in the country.

Talented and often described a ‘Mogul in the making’, William is currently the founder and creative Director of Lehong Media Communications. A strong force to be reckoned with there’s no telling what the Lehong brand has to bring within 2k19!

What defines William besides being a Media Personality?

“When I’m not on radio or a television studio, one of my passions is advertising! I’m actually working with Potatoe South Africa and that ad is currently being aired on DSTV. So that’s what I do outside the radio and television environment”.

Many people know you as the ‘Black Chinese Guy’. Could you share where the nickname comes from?

“The whole ‘Black Chinese Guy’ name was born in primary school. There is a kid in my class who just assumed as my teacher was taking the registry that there is a new Chinese child in class. So when I walked into class there was a few disappointed faces (Laughs)… Because my surname sounded Chinese the way you read and pronounced it. That’s how the whole ‘Chinese name’ was born”.

After completing your degree in Engineering at the University of Vaal, at what stage did you realise this isn’t my God-given path or career goal?

“I think in about two years when I started working for an engineering cable company. In 24 months I realised this was not my life. I literally told myself: ‘I’m not going to last here’. I then started pursuing my other passions: Radio, Music and Television”.

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In the early phases of your radio career, people really took note of who you were   during your segment as a news and sports presenter/anchor for YFM. Do share your early radio journey.

“Oh no, that journey was incredible! I mean we were effectively the new generation of YFM here in Gauteng. That journey cemented my path in the radio space and I was able to use the platform to make my name a household brand within the industry”.

You have built a strong name within the field and remained consistent despite previous controversial issues surrounding your brand. Looking back is there anything you would have done differently or avoided to get too where you are?

“Every experience good or bad is an opportunity for you to learn and I don’t think I would be where I am if I had not gone through those experiences. Being the person that I am right now and to sustain the career I have, all those experiences built the character and person that I am right now”.

The industry is very cut throat and can be demanding at the same time. Who and what has been your true source of inspiration?

“That would be my immediate family at home who pushed me to pursue my dreams and witnessed my achievements . My mother was someone who mainly pushed and encouraged me. She would often say: “Go after your dreams” and if anything wasn’t working out she would say: “Do what makes your heart happy”.

You seem to be a man of many talents Mr. Lehong, from Radio, Presenting, Entrepreneurship, Media Personality and now Music. Where did the urge or your love for music stem from and what can we expect from you musically in 2019?

“Yeah! I’m actually working on some new records. The weird thing is the music chain was my very first love before my radio and television career took off. I was working as a music producer years ago.

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The first time I heard my music play within the public space was at a Fashion Show, I think sometime in 2005. There was a lady by the name of Bongiwe Walaza and she used to design clothes for Muvhango. She was showcasing and asked me if she could play my song during her showcase and this was way before all the radio work started happening”!

You are the founder of a growing media company called Lehong Media Communications. Are there any projects that South Africa should look out for in the year 2019?

“Absolutely! I’m currently working on something with International African Artists that you should hear about before the year is over. I am also working on representing REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). Which consists of groups/investors that own shopping malls such as Melrose Mall in Sandton City. These are the 2019 projects we shall focus on”.

Summary of 2018:

“2018 for me was a roller coaster year. I don’t know about other people but for me it had a mix of everything, so all the highs were really high, and all the lows were really low.

I joined a TV channel and that channel lost its licence and closed down. Luckily I was able to find a spot on E.tv and right now I am on the Morning Show between 6 and 8 am as one of their presenters.

It was a good high but it was followed by an unexpected low. None of us expected it to be off air or for it to be pulled down. So the year has been a mix of lows and highs”.

What endeavours would you like to see becoming a reality within the New Year?

“This year I would like to get back on Radio. Alot of people say they miss my voice on radio so one of my plans is to definitely get back on Air”!

One can only imagine what 2019 has instore for William,so with that being said a Here Here and Salute to the Takeover King!

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