The Year Of Music Man

A display of how you turn passion into magic is exactly what Music Man is boasting within his illustrious music career.

A classic showcase of his polished musical skill is definitely what the crowd experienced during his EP launch this past weekend at Durban’s well renowned nightclub, Views at twenty5.

It was remarkable how a vast number of fans showed up to support and share a toast to Mbuso Ngubane’s pure talent. Hailing from the heart of Maphumulo, Music Man explored music from a young age, learning how to play the flute whilst still in creche and then transitioning into an extraordinary DJ, who understands the core meaning of music.

The ambience of the club as well as an esteemed line up of supporting DJ’s such as Ralf Gum and DJ Kabila, set the mood for the rousing spirit of the launch.

The moment Music Man took over the decks, there was this inexplicable chemistry between him and the crowd that one can only witness in person.

With a background of orchestra and classical music, Mbuso’s influentially infused music set captured not only those that have a genuine love for house music but the mind and soul of everyone who was present at Views on Saturday night.

“I want to resonate to people that like hip-hop but can also listen to house music and then I add that extra dance kick. I believe music has no root,” is what Music Man explained during an interview with Blazon Magazine.

A music legend in the making is about to take over the 2019 music scenery after his launch proved to be an unequivocal success.

With music interests such as IL Divo and Beethoven, one can only imagine the sensational compositions we are yet to experience with this particular musical genius.



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