The Winter Skincare Guide – According to Azee

With winter upon us, now is the time to start adjusting your skincare routines. We all know the harsh winds and cold temperatures can be quite harsh on our skins, not to mention the added stress of COVID-19.

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer Azee Green shares her skincare routine and favorite products that are sure to leave your skin bright and healthy all season.

“Change of season usually comes with added pressure on the skin and body,” said Azee. Around this time of the year most people tend to develop dry and flaky skin so it’s important to use products and routines that will deeply hydrate your skin.”

So, here’s how:

Lips: Winter lips are a no-no for me so I use lip scrubs and moisturizers religiously to prevent the cold weather from drying out my lips. The lip scrub I love and live by is the Revlon Kiss exfoliating balm. It removes my dry skin so well without drying up my lips. I then top it off with what I consider my holy grail of lip care, the Eucerin Intensive Lip balm. This locks in all the moisture and has my lips feeling and looking moisturized.


Cleanser: I have combination skin which is also super sensitive so all my cleansers have to be very gentle. Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Cleansing Gel is super sensitive on my skin and gets my oil control just right. It’s great with removing the excess sebum that is caused by my oily T-Zone.

Toner: Currently I’m so pleased with the Nivea Refreshing toner for combination skin. It’s so hydrating which is something I don’t normally get from toners. It leaves my skin feeling super clean but also hydrated. I also wouldn’t live a day without my Nivea Sensitive range Micellar water to remove my makeup or to just give my skin a refreshing boost if I’ve been busy all day. Sometimes I carry that in my bag so that I don’t have tired looking dull skin on busy days.

Moisturizer: I don’t think any moisturizing routine can begin without Sunscreen. The Eucerin sensitive protect Extra Light Sun Lotion is so great especially for black girls because it doesn’t leave that not so attractive purple finish to the skin. I start all my days with sun protection, even when I’m not leaving the house and especially in winter when it can be a forgettable step. It’s very important to protect skin year-round from the harmful effects of the sun. My daily moisturizers are the Nivea Perfect and Radiant day and night creams. I find them super moisturizing and not too heavy for skin at the same time. At night I also tip off my skin scare moisturizing routine with my Nivea Perfect and Radiant even-tone serum to help with uneven skin tone and smooth my skin.

Masks: Weekly masks are important for me so I try at least every three days. My go-to masks are the Nivea Urban Detox peel-off mask. I limit my use of peel of masks to once every 2 weeks as they can be harsh on my skin though. My second favorite mask is the Skin Republic Vitamin C brightening mask to give my skin an extra boost and glow.

I love Nivea products because they’re gentle and they are super affordable while achieving all my skin concerns.

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