Swooosshhhh….To The World!

Dance. The most underrated yet most contagious form of art. From the famous “Moonwalk” to the “Floss”; dance is more than just a form of movement. Its a form of self-expression & a pretty good workout.

Dance has been a part of human history since the earliest records of human life. Cave paintings found in Spain and France dating from 30,000 -10,000 BC. have vivid drawings of dancing figures in association with ritual illustrating the presence of dance in early human society. Many people around the world see life as a dance from the movements of the heavens and the turn of the seasons to the unique dance of every creature. The history of dance reflects the changes in the way people see the world, relate to their bodies and experience the cycles of life.

With dance evolving each and everyday, its hard to keep up with all the latest trends. THE SWOOSH is the dance thats currently taking the world by storm. This global dance craze is INFECTIOUS & originated from the 031 GOATS in the beautiful city of DURBAN!!

The 031 GOATS are dancers, content creators & musicians from Durban, South Africa. The trio is made up of three young dance sensations; Aylo, Tayo & Zile.


With a following of over 28K on Instagram, Aylo (@aylo_sa) has influenced the urban dance culture across the globe. The Creator of the “Swoosh Dance” & Axe Advocate, Aylo, alongside Tayo & Zile, won the global Chance the Rapper dance competition, and has performed & worked closely with Nasty C.

Originally born in the Eastern Cape, Aylo moved to Durban, South Africa in 2016 to attend George Campbell School of Technology. With such a rich culture of entertainment & so many young aspiring artists in the city, Durban inspired Aylo to build his social media following and display his dance talent. In 2017, Aylo was able to share his talent on stage as he performed alongside Nasty C (who is also from Durban) at the first ever Ivyson Tour & opened for Migos on their Johannesburg leg of The Migos Culture Tour.


Since beginning his dance journey in the third grade, Tayo (@tayogotfans) eventually met Aylo and Zile and formed the 031 goats.Tayo managed to work his way through to being recognised globally for his dance while showcasing his African heritage.

Besides dance, Tayo has a passion for music as well and is a recording artist currently working on his music.


Zile (@goatzile_sa) has also managed to build his own social media following while staying true to his roots. Born along the sunny shores of Durban, South Africa, Zile’s aim is to show the world that South Africans can also take over the world through the art of dance. Zile adds a South African twist to the latest trending dance crazes. Zile originally began his social media dance journey with the viral “Nay Nay” dance challenge, and then grew from there. Now, Zile posts videos of his own take on modern dance crazes.This is only the beginning for Zile & the GOATs.


“At first, we used to call ourselves the A TEAM. We thought of ourselves as the best dancers in South Africa. And…at the time, all three of our names started with A. Then throughout the hustle, 1 member had to leave the group because his parents didn’t support his dancing. With only 2 of us left, we decided to continue dancing & showcased our skills at our school talent show.”

Aylo was new in school doing grade 10 & Tayo was doing grade 11. Zile had graduated Matric the year before. After the talent show, Tayo introduced Aylo to Zile & they became a trio.

“There came a time where we performed with Nasty C at the Migos Culture Tour in Durban. Nasty referred to us as the “GOATS”…and thats when we became the 031 GOATS”

In 2018, the 031 GOATS showed us that they’re multi-talented and made their debut in music with a song called “How You Doin’” with Breeze.

“We dropped “How You Doin’” with the Zulu Bass King in 2018, making it our debut song in the music industry. He challenged us to do something out of our comfort zone – which was music. At the time, we didn’t really think we could do it because music seemed like such a far stretch from what we’re used to. But in reality, he had just unlocked another hidden talent of ours. We thank Breeze to this day for opening us up to another platform.”

Fastforward 2 years, the 031 GOATS released music with Costa Titch. They’re 2 hit singles “Hit That Woah” & “Throw It Back” have taken the world by storm. Throw It Back quickly caught the attention of dancers all over the world & quickly became a Tik Tok craze.

“Our latest single with Costa Titch literally came out of nowhere. We went to Johannesburg to meet up to shoot some content with Costa Titch and a few others. He fetched us from the Gautrain Station and played us an unreleased track. We also played him one of our upcoming songs “Nintendo”. As soon as we got back to the house, we fooled around in studio and started recording songs. Throw It Back was one of those songs. We weren’t expecting it to be so crazy!”

The music of the 031 GOATS is inspired by artists like Nasty C, Playboi Carti & other YSL artists. They made music that took elements of each of these artists. Infuse different sounds to create a whole new type of sound. At this point, things were looking up for the 031 GOATS and they had high hopes for the future. However, they could have never guessed what would come next.

In 2019, thats when the lives of the 031 GOATS changed forever.

“I was just fooling around rehearsing in my college dorm and literally out of nowhere, I just started doing it”, Aylo stated. “I video called Zile to show him what I did and he loved it! THE SWOOSH came to life. At first, I was doing it with one arm and he suggested I do it with both arms. We posted it the next week & the reaction was crazy!”

This was the beginning of a new level of their success. In September, the 031 GOATS decided to enter a global dance challenge by Chance The Rapper.

“We planned to go shoot a video at UShaka Marine World in Durban. We got there and realised we didn’t have a speaker. So, Aylo decided to use his last R400 of grocery money to buy a speaker. The video shoot was a huge success & we posted it. Later on in that week, we got the news that we had won the competition. Chance The Rapper reposted us & the swoosh went viral! We won a year’s worth of groceries.”

This was a big achievement for the 031 GOATS. They had unlocked worldwide fame. The days after that were amazing. The Swoosh was doing the round. #TheSwoosh had more that 500K posts across social media. The hype was mad! But this is nothing for the 031 GOATS. This is only just the beginning for the dance sensations.

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“This whole new life of being known has been absolutely amazing in the sense that we can inspire others to go for their dreams and do what they love. As much as were doing it for ourselves, the bigger picture is to inspire the youth to never doubt themselves and go for what they want. Its what makes us feel good and feel like we’re spreading good vibes.

Our main goal is simply put in 3 words. CONQUER THE WORLD. Through dance, music & business. We have our heads set on what we want and with God in our corner, we can do it. The world isn’t ready for the 031 GOATS.

Our definition of success is quite simple. We want to create a legacy that will never be forgotten. Be one of the people who revolutionized the music & dance industry. Fast forward 50 years from now, we want the name 031GOATS to be associated with GREATNESS. We want to be remembered as the ones who revolutionised dance & gave the world great music.”

In 2020, the 031 GOATS have fast-tracked their progress and made their appearance in the Nasty C “There They Go’ music video. On top of this good news, Nasty C signed to Def Jam Recordings & the 031 GOATS raised some international eyes on the Def Jam social media

2020 is set to bring a new level of GOD MODE for the 031 GOATS. Theres a lot more coming from the trio and they’re about to take the world by storm.

Keep your eyes and ears opened for “Nintendo Switch” by 031 GOATS & Costa Titch.

“Never quit. The journey is not easy & theres broken glass along the way. Don’t give into any of that. An extraordinary life requires an extraordinary character. KEEP GOING.”

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