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Soccer Chose Me!

Ntokozo Sphamandla Dube was born And raised in a place called Enseleni In Richards Bay. He then relocated to Durban in 2010. Ntokozo is a 19 year old professional footballer who has always been ambitious about being on the field. It’s no shock that he has chased the dream from a very young age and was actually recognized by a soccer coach when he came to Durban and Played for *Durban FC* in 2014. Due to his tremendous energy in football, Dube moved to Johannesburg in 2016 to join the “Highlands Park” team.

Ntokozo has continued to join forces with Kaizer Chiefs which was the football club where he began to take football seriously. Phumeza Gcaba had a quick chat with him while he was preparing for a training session.

P: Itʼs no surprise that many young boys desire to be soccer players when they grow up; on your side what really triggered you to make it more than a hobby?

N: I started playing soccer at the age of 6. I was in grade 1 at that time at Mzuvukile Primary School In Richards Bay and at first it was something to keep us busy as boys during our lunch breaks. At the age of 7, I relocated to Durban Pinetown (kwASanti) which was where i met one of the best, Benard KG Tsipa, during that time he was playing for Amazulu development. He really made me see things differently and I began believing in myself and that I can be as great as he was and also be on the big screens.

P: Who will you say has been your number  motivator and biggest supporter?

N: My mom, she’s been there from day one!

P: If it wasn’t soccer, what else would you be doing?

N:  A doctor or police officer. I’m guessing that’s every child’s dream growing up and I really wanted that.

P: Many parents wouldn’t adjust to their children traveling to different parts of the country and being away from them at such a young age. How did your parents handle the travelling?

N: It was hard for my mom to let me go because she had that belief of how Joburg wasnʼt going to be good for me so at that young age but Coach Thokozani convinced her that I was going to be in safe hands. However I think the feedback from people complimenting my football skills and talent is what actually made her agree to me chasing my dream.

Ntokozo ends with an advise, “I would like to tell all the young boys out there who want to be soccer champs, hard work pays off. Be willing to learn everyday!”

He recently travelled to Sweden to play at the Gothia Cup. With all his accomplishments, he still looks forward to playing for a good team soon and be on the football field again.

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