Sipho Mnguni’s ‘I need some Lovin’ Single is Coming Out Soon


Sipho Mnguni, a 25-year old Soweto-Born musician – songwriter & producer, has completed his second single which he wants to share with music lovers across the country. The single, titled I need some Lovin’ will be available on digital platforms on 30 August 2019.

“Music is part of my life, having found solace in creating and making music from an early age I decided that it was time I bared my soul with the people who appreciate music. My music is different, it is nothing like what has been produced locally and even overseas. I draw inspiration from a recording producer from Angola – Constantino “Young Tchix” Tchiyela. He has been very instrumental in making this single what it is, and I am confident that people will love it. This single talks to Hip Hop and RnB sounds and it is about connections – it is created to be felt,” says Mnguni.

Mnguni describes his music as belonging to an unclassified genre. “I write about things that affect us as human beings, but the sound of my music is not what people have become accustomed to. In fact, the music I produce has a way of helping me deal with challenges I am faced with daily. I, of course, do not make music only for me – but to the listener too – and I hope that when people hear it, they will relate somehow and find comfort in its words and sound,” explains Mnguni.


The self-produced single, recorded at Mnguni’s home studio talks about the universal pain point. Everyone needs love, Mnguni uses his voice and talent to share his experiences with the intention of giving a clear message that we all go through stuff in life, but we shouldn’t let the past battle-wounds affect our current situations. “This song is about dealing, forgiving and learning from past experiences. I wrote this song with the aim of showing that it is “cool” to love unconditionally and remaining faithful to that one person. I hope that people listen to the song and that it changes their mindset about relationships” states Mnguni.

Mnguni says that his music is not intended to sound like any other sound out there, but is rather that of an artist who is searching for his purpose and place on this planet, while dealing with societal pressures.

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