Simply Chrysolite

Described by Grammy- Award winning gospel musician Kirk Franklin as “fresh, dope and totally amazed by their voices and harmony”, it’s difficult to not notice these beautiful and talented ladies. They are a female gospel group, have won 7 awards among them BEFFTA award, Best Engineered album and Best International Album of the year as well as 3 international award nominations. With their explosive combination of sheer talent and undisputable beauty it’s no wonder they have won the hearts of many in Africa and internationally, they go by name of Simply Chrysolite.

Can you ladies introduce yourselves?

Simply Chrysolite is a group from the Tim Omotoso Global outreach we came together in 2007 when the Tim Omotoso Global Outreach held their first ever music auditions, which is an annual project for the ministry. So that’s where we met and formed part of the ministry choir, by God’s Grace in 2008 we officially became Simply Chrysolite.

Simply Chrysolite, what inspired the name?

By the Grace of God we have a mentor and pastor who directs our music, Reverend Tim Omotoso, he took the name Simply Chrysolite from the book of God which is Revelations 21:20 a precious stone it’s a foundation of heaven, so that’s where the name came from.

How has the journey in the music industry been so far?

Well, the journey has been so interesting, things that many artists take years to achieve we have achieved in a space of 4-5 years. By God’s grace the journey has been great.

…the most important thing in life is the way you think, anything that you are is what you have thought about.

What music projects, (singles, albums, and videos) have you worked on?

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We worked on our first album which was in 2009, titled Simply Chrysolite Volume 1. It was a ten track album and we have a single which was released last year called Psalm 121.

What should we expect from you in the future?

Our mission and target is to touch the hearts of people and bring them back to God. We hope to reach out to as many people as we can, so that people can see the glory of God. We aim to show people that Christianity is not a religion but a lifestyle.

Which artist(s) would you ladies love to work with in future?

We are inspired and love people who do the same thing as us, which is Gospel; we would like to work with Bukky Popoola, a Nigerian Gospel artist and gospel artist Donnie McClurkin. Nonetheless we are open to working with just about anyone who would like to work with us and vice versa from South Africa and internationally we love all of them.

Have you performed in other parts of Africa? If yes, where is your favourite or where would you like to perform?

We have performed in and around South Africa and Nigeria and we are hoping to perform all over Africa.

What keeps you together as a group?

When we came we were given a solid foundation in the word of God. So basically that’s what keeps us together more than music. The teachings we have been taught in the ministries by our mentor and pastor Tim Omotoso are the ones that keep us together.

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How would you like to be remembered?

We want to be remembered as the life changers, the group where people saw the glory of God.

What message do you have for the young people of SA?

We want them to be aware that the most important thing in life is the way you think, anything that you are is what you have thought about. With that being said we would like to advise the youth of South Africa to have a positive mind-set. Because the way they think, will determine what they became. You become what you think.

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