Sihle Zikalala – We’ll expropriate land without compensation and bring economic change.


Pietermaritzburg – The KwaZulu-Natal African National Congress (ANC) Chairperson Sihle Zikalala says they stand firm on the issue of expropriation of land without compensation and they will bring economic changes in South Africa. He was addressing crowds that gathered at Wadley Stadium in Pietermaritzburg for their Provincial final push Siyanqoba Rally yesterday.

Zikalala says that in 1994 the country only got political power and not economic freedom. “The Freedom we got in 1994 was political that is why the economy is still in the hands of the oppressor however the ANC government has an economic plan.”

“No other party has ever achieved what the ANC has achieved in this country, he added the ANC government has managed to better people’s lives for the past 25 years, it had managed to build over 4.4 Million houses, gave people electricity although the apartheid government said they won’t have any and it has also managed to give water.” Said Zikalala.

2020 will mark a century of the birth of Harry Gwala, if he was still alive, Zikalala told ANC supporters that he would have also urged people to go out in their numbers the following week in order to vote for the ANC.


The leader maintained that the ANC will be doing most the after elections for an example; improving the education system especially in rural areas by giving them technology advanced education, such as tablets and well built schools with quality education.

“The ANC will bring about the national health aid whereby people won’t have to pay money in hospitals, people should be able to excess both private and public hospitals, there should not be a difference between the two.” Said Zikalala.

In the final segment of the rally, as the provincial chairperson left the podium having finished his address, former President Jacob Zuma made his way into the venue. Crowds shouted his name and chants began.

He then had this to say “It has all been said and done, we should all go vote for the ANC and not allow your vote to be used as a finder, but let it be in the decision making and the only party that takes decisions is the ANC.”

The national and provincial elections will be taking place across the country on Wednesday.

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