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From June to this very moment, people have been going crazy and wild with excitement when Jessica Nkosi confirmed her pregnancy. Jessica and Nkokozo Dlamini (27) have kept their relationship as low profile as possible and their baby girl enhances more to their happiness and possible promising prodigious impending days together. It’s the greatest gift no amount of money can buy and by far the best thing to come out of their relationship.

The couple’s bundle of joy made her grand entrance not so long ago. Jessica shared on her Instagram that the have named their princess Namisa ‘Nami’ Dlamini. The couple have done pretty well keeping their relationship out of the spot light compared to other celebrities who seem to be more famous for their love life and the dramas around it.

No doubt celebrity relationships are known for their short-lived honeymoon phase with a life span short as the drone ant’s due to a number of commitments and the nature of their careers. It’s such a wonderful thing to witness when they last long and the couple seems happy.



It is evident that when the couple’s connection is strong and trust isn’t questionable things always work out. It all goes to prioritizing, spending time together whether it’s weekly date nights, trips with the family even on a busy week; making time for your relationship makes your significant other feel appreciated, needed and loved. One thing that keeps this couple going seem to be exceptional communication skills, coming forward with issues and discuss the way forward and expectations before it is too late.

Agreeing on important issues from the onset causes the relationship to continue to be healthy and no doubt children will grow up in a safe healthy environment. They have both shared how enthusiastic and blessed to be chosen to parent their daughter it is a best wish that they linger to feel that way about one another and grow the family.

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