Nobody Can Do It Better Than You

We don’t always have to live up to people’s expectations. At some point you end up losing yourself trying to please people. And that works out just fine for most of us. Sbusiso Zondi is a 24 year old multi-talented media business man. Born And Bred in Newlands West, KwaZulu Natal, Sbusiso started off his career as a vocalist in a group called 2Dimension, got signed with an Australian based record label (Black Crown Ent). Their first EP was called “Snakes And Red Tape” which hit 1500 downloads in the first week .

Sbusiso Zondi is a minister at a local church called NCIC which is under Apostle Mpungose, he ministers in many congregations but that hasn’t stopped him from traveling the world. He accepted an offer to work as a crews director staff with MSC where he traveled to 24 countries and 31 cities around the world. To name a few, US, Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, Mexico etc. He now co-hosts in Durban’s well known radio station, DYR.

What golden rule do you instill in yourself?

“My golden rule is to always think ahead.. Every decision I make must be screened by it’s
benefits and fruits to the long term goal”

What Does Power mean to you?

Power is everything. Every leader needs power, you cannot lead without power. The only way
we differ is how we use it.

What made you Choose A different path?

“We realized that in the Durban Market Exclusively there’s a lot of Mafia Power Which makes
it hard for People who are still climbing a ladder .Music Needed A lot Of Me . I needed to make
things work whilst my mother is still alive , Had To Make Her See The Hard Work I was Getting
up for Everyday , However it was impossible because we weren’t Leading anywhere as talented
as we were, we realised it wouldn’t work for us . We didn’t Give Up , We knew What Needed To Be
Done. I would Go Back to Music However not the kind of Music I was doing, I’ll probably do Gospel.”

As a minister what pressures do you encounter?

“Stigma, stereotypes,Religion. Because of the nature of how religion is , Ministers are
Accepted to live in a certain way because of Kingdom principles and church principles. You’re
Judged and excepted to live a certain way even though it’s not a 100% Biblical .”

He Has Currently Started His Own Online Radio Station By Young People For Young People
“Radio Khuphuka ” Where He Employed Youth With Media Qualifications but Were Unemployed,
Sbusiso Zondi Does indeed Live up to his name. He Has A Lot In Store For Himself and His

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