Naked Ape Celebrates 10 Years at the 2020 SA Fashion Week

Naked Ape, the scion of Shaldon Kopman, celebrates a 10-year reign as the formidable studio of bespoke Africa inspired men’s wear that dresses the quintessence of the African spirit. His latest range will be showcased on day-3 of the ground-breaking fashion event – the South Africa Fashion Week – as one of the 26 digital runway shows. The Naked Ape Collection  will be showcased on the 24th  October 2020.

Not many 10-year olds can claim the African Odyssey but then not all 10-year olds have had their senses honed and ignited by the rich palette and diversity of cultures and experiences Shaldon brings to the label, from dressing the notables of the silver screen like Samuel L Jackson and Orlando Jones to some of South Africa’s corporate Wizz kids and captains of industry.

Naked Apes journey has been a true African Odyssey with Shaldon Kopman at the helm steering the course of an envisioned atelier.

Like all artists, Shaldon explores the quintessence of his subject, deconstructs it and reimagines it with his imitable style.

Naked Apes latest offering is a departure from its bespoke origin, however, lending its signature of detailed craftmanship enjoyed by its couture clients to a ready-to-wear range.

The Street Rover range is inspired by the indomitable nature of the industrious urban salvors, who emerge from the pre-dawn darkness into the day, irrespective of the season’s onslaught, suitably attired for the conditions to harvest, recycle and repurpose our disposed personal effects.

When you take time to study and appreciate the salvors apparel, as Shaldon has, you’ll witness a utilitarian swag with form and function.

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Shaldon has taken his observations and interpreted the swag, the depths and range of tones, textures, layers, movement and functionality, and created an authentically urban African range, which reveals the artistry and majesty of street life.

This range goes beyond a look, and encapsulates the ethos of the salvor, in using recycled and sustainable materials developed using unique and environmentally friendly processes, as well as energy efficient methodologies to produce a “kind to nature” product which lovingly instils the African story in each piece.

Each piece is an environmental hero, and an embodiment of the African warrior spirit seamlessly blending into the urban landscape.

The Street Rover range is a gift of love to anyone who has longed for a Naked Ape ensemble, and day-today wear for its legion of bespoke clients.

Looking good no longer has to cost the earth.

Made with Love & Respect

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