Music Review – Asa Lucid Album Review

Five years later, the Jailer songstress has made a remarked return to our music profiles. The multi-platinum selling superstar, Asa, is back with a beautiful masterpiece of art- where she takes us on a roller coaster ride of love, broken relationships and how we can find our feet after going through all these motions.

The French born Nigerian icon, musician and songwriter has gracefully returned with  her fourth album titled Lucid, which was released on October 11.

The album gets under way with a heated argument between lovers, which then makes a drastic turn and it all ends up in a crime scene on Murder in USA. We’re taken through the motions where the lady mistakenly shoots her lover after being questioned about a particular strange phone call, the song further narrates that she was not trusted on her explanation and so with all the motions, she ends up pulling the trigger and killing her partner. Asa’s unmatched writing skills make you visualize the scenario by just heeding to her voice.

The Beginning is the first single from the project and the artist takes us on an unimagined loss of a lover who suddenly decided to leave the relationship. She narrates that the failure of the relationship was due to the couple having egocentric personalities and no one would want to surrender for peace. After several years of absolutely no communication, she pleads with the lost lover to return home for them to start the relationship afresh.

Whilst still on the predicament to petition for her lost lover to return home, Asa subconsciously makes us remember that any rough patch can be fixed and that lovers can always bond the lining again- revert to how things used to be, if they could have one more chance to at least spend one more night together, on Stay Tonight. After all, it is true that we could lose more than just one night if we let pride and silly arguments get the best of our relationships to a point where we leave matters unresolved.

After constant battle of emotions over her lost companion, she realizes her worth and moves on to seek new love, while leaving the city on Good Thing, on this song she expresses how much of a “good thing” they had and boasts about how the lost lover will never find anything better than what they had.

While hurt, broken and full of anger, she explodes on Torn and later admits that she has had enough of it all on the song Make No Sense. On the song 9 lives, she makes a promise to rise to the occasion when the right person finally comes into her life at the right time.

As we all know, we tend to always find back our happiness, renew and rekindle our love for someone, even after all the fights, arguments and heartaches. Understanding and battling with the difficulty of moving on from a relationship of many years, she later seeks for the whereabouts of her long-lost lover on My Dear. In this song she quests for her lover to come back home soon- as she has given in the motions and has swallowed her pride on Don’t Let Me Go and goes to ask for a second chance on Until We Try (This lo’).

Asa paints a picture of exactly what love should be like on the songs Happy People and You and Me as she takes us on a honeymoon-love scene.

This album will take you through different stages of being in love and will make you understand that it’s normal to go through relationship challenges. Sometimes we tend to feel like giving in, but again, love always win!

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