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Mozambican Designer – Eliana Murargy wows at New York Fashion Week recently

She speaks four languages, but words were certainly not needed when Mozambican designer Eliana Rodrigues Murargy’s fashion creations glided down the runway at New York Fashion Week recently.

The collection, titled ‘Basking in the Osun River’ has received rave reviews, and it is clear to see why. She clearly embraces the feminine form in all it’s glory as a healer and empowerer, and this comes through clearly in this collection which transforms itself almost effortlessly from day wear to evening wear in a fluid movement.

Her fine tailoring and refined fits via flowing shapes, detailed silhouettes, soft shadings of rosé, beige and a wide array of blues, vivid sparkles, delicate silks, touches of silvery textures and pink accents working expertly with stark white and black to create a visual aesthetic that is bewitchingly transfixing.

Soft, yet strong comes through clearly in the designs and Eliana shares that she was inspired by “The Aje, who is a Yoruba female figure of African descent, one of intense cosmic power and a sustainer of life.”


For the debut of her Spring/Summer 2020 Collection at New York Fashion Week last week, Murargy paid homage to her African roots, artfully blending in inspirations from the Osun River, which flows from Nigeria to the Atlantic Gulf of Guinea, and all that blooms along its banks.

“The clothing I design reflects an ethereal inner beauty, highlighting the beautiful feminine features all the while remaining simple, soft and confident – a tribute to womanhood” she adds.

She established her studio in 2011 and focuses on effortless and timeless womenswear, pushing the boundaries of what ethereal luxury signifies in the African context, yet keeping her creations globally relevant at the same time.

Working with an exclusive community of West African tailors, hand-crafted, beautifully rendered silhouettes reveal impeccable finishing and details, serving an uncompromising, contemporary notion of what feminine beauty signifies for women around the world.

Positioned as a global lifestyle brand with Mozambican-inspired roots, re-imagining luxury, tailoring and craft for the confident and strong woman who exudes natural beauty from within, every woman should desire to have at least one, if not more, of Eliana Murargy creations in their wardrobes for those days were effortless style, chic and feminine mystique are required.

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Photo Credit: Gregorie Avenel

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