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The Reigning Miss Ehlanzeni Queen

13th July last year was a memorable day to so many, most especially to Millicent Nkosi who was crowned Miss Ehlanzeni 2019. The young lady from Nkomazi shares her experience wearing the crown and her activities.

Briefly introduce yourself

Nokubonga Millicent Nkosi is an ambitious 21 years old pageant princess born and bred at Nkomazi (Drie koppies). My love for pageants started back in 2014 when I entered my 1st competition which is where the pageant queen was unleashed. My mantra in life is “Give to earn and live to learn”.

It’s about a year now, but can you still remember the experience winning the Crown.

13th July 2019 which is almost a year now I was declared the queen of the district. A dream was fulfilled as I was afforded an opportunity to wear the prestigious crown as Miss Ehlanzeni 2019. This day proved that dreams are indeed valid as I was to be counted among phenomenal women such as the former 2018 Queen Ashley Lukhele. I have grown so much from this journey and I am happy that soon another young deserving young women will get to live their dreams through this crown.

How has the journey been being Miss Ehlanzeni 2019?

This has really been a beautiful journey and I am very grateful to the directors of the Miss Ehlanzeni pageant for helping me develop my leadership skills through serving my community. One of the best lessons I learnt through this journey was the importance of authenticity.

What next for you after the title goes to another deserving lady?

Part of carrying the title for me was to hold space for other people; where they felt like not only are pageant queens there to shower them with gifts, but to genuinely give them a platform where they can feel loved, cared for and make them feel wanted. It was actually a journey of growth and emancipation.

What are some of the activities you have done with the title?

With the title I was able to get involved in multiple projects but my best highlight will have to be the “Keeping a girl child in School campaign” which is a project I started way back because I don’t want to see a girl child missing school nor dropping out of school because of not having the right necessities to use while on their periods. Through this project we have managed to reach out to as many underprivileged girls as we can by donating dignity packs and also giving motivations at schools.

Catching Up with the Miss Ehlanzeni 2019 Ambassador

Any advise to the finalists for 2020?

To the 2020 finalists, May your journey be lived through your vision. Only you know why you entered the competition and that is the only thing that will keep you going. The journey may seem hard but nothing beats dedication and hard work.

Plans to participate in other pageants?

This year I want to focus more on my studies and continue with the community projects I have started so far meaning that I’m taking a break from pageants but continue mentoring young girls interested in pageantry.

What are some of the special things about Ehlanzeni and Mpumalanga?

What I love most about Mpumalanga and Ehlanzeni is seeing the youth taking action and willing to make an impact in both their lives and other people’s lives. Our young people are taking education serious and many of them are into entrepreneurship which shows that we are a generation that’s hungry for success.

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