Miss Egoli, The New Pageant On the Block

Mosa Malebo is the Founder of Miss Egoli, a new pageant created out of a passion to spark entrepreneurial fires in young South African ladies. Looking beyond the height, complexion or size of the contestants, the Miss Egoli pageant is a platform that is all about women empowerment. Its first auditions will take place in Ferndale Recreatonal Center, Johannesburg on 27th March 2021.

What inspired the start of Miss Egoli?

Miss Egoli is not just a beauty pageant but we are an entrepreneurial pageant. We started Miss Egoli with the main focus of being able to inspire entrepreneurship in our contestants.

Now a days, everyone needs to understand the necessity of having more th0an one stream of income. The more we empower our youth about entrepreneurship, we will start to see a decline in unemployment rate and we will start to see a youth of doers.

What makes Miss Egoli different from other pageants?

Miss Egoli contestants under go entrepreneurial training, that teaches them the fundamentals of entrepreneurship; and they participate in entrepreneurial activities, ranging from raffle selling to selling of T-shirts. Every sale that our contestants make, they get to keep a certain percentage which they use towards their own business.

Miss Egoli is open to all girls from age 14 to 29 years old. We aren’t about height or weight. We are looking for girls that want to join our entrepreneurial program.

The name Egoli is synonymous to Johannesburg, is the pageant open to only people from Joburg?

I totally agree, when you think Egoli, you think Johannesburg and its beautiful lights, where dreams come true.

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Our tag line for Miss Egoli is “She is golden”.

Golden girl – A young woman who has become successful. A favored youth, held in high esteem by others, and for whom there are high hopes. A young woman who is beautiful in a wholesome and healthy way.

We want our girls to understand that they are powerful, they are beautiful and they need to shine. Whatever dreams they have they must go for them whole heartily.

Miss Egoli is currently open to Gauteng girls and because of the high number of emails we get asking about other provinces we plan to expand into all the provinces in 2022.

What kind of initiatives and projects do you look forward to working on with the entrants?

We have the fashion show that will be happening in October, which all the top 50 will take part in. We have partnered up with local designers to showcase their designs.

Our contestants will also take part in school outreach programs, creating awareness around entrepreneurship and education alternatives where one can start a business.

Who is ideal Miss Egoli Queen winner?

The ideal queen is someone who is relatable, who holds community development to her heart. Someone who is a go getter and can lead as well as follow when it is necessary.

What’s your message to ladies thinking of joining the pageant?

When you join Miss Egoli, you will learn how to start your own business and you will make friendships that will last you a lifetime.



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