Meet Thulani the MC

Raised in the heart of Johannesurg – Hillbrow, Thulani Tshabangu is a multi talented entrepreneur who has added emceeing to his list of business activities.

Who is Thulani the MC?

MC_Thulani is a combination of magic – I am an events host, a businessman, presenter, an entertainer, a worshipper. A young man who loves the Lord. Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and well known for Emceeing, bringing the right message and energy across to entertain the audience with jokes and fluent speech. A loving and a friendly person who always wants to see nothing but smiles on people’s face. I grew up on the streets of Bulawayo then moved to South Africa at the age of 15. I was raised in the heart of Johannesburg – Hillbrow and experienced all sorts of life challenges there.

You seem to have a flair for business, how did that start?

Growing up in church and loving to participate in almost all the activities that were taking place in church, that is when the confidence started. Engaging with people, networking and public speaking has played a major role into starting the emceeing business. It was after hosting a successful annual youth conference at Mount Calvary Pentecostal Church in 2012 that I started envisioning going professional, and ever since then whenever they needed an Emcee I was the first one to raise the hand and show interest. I can safely say that the church platform has built me up and has shown me that it is always possible to reach greater heights.

When did the love for the microphone start?

As someone who always loved to stand in front of people from early days of Crèche this has always been in me. I was one of those kids who would always hold an imaginary microphone whenever they speak.

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How has the road to being an MC been?

The journey has been beautiful, I am still in the learning phase. It requires good communication skills and being up to date with current affairs. It requires one to be well prepared when invited to different events. Networking plays a major role in this field and one needs to be humble enough to learn from others who have walked the path before. There is this African saying that say “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” this is one industry where you’ll learn to love people, you’ll learn the importance of people generally because it takes people to build you up.

The  support of people is what you need to keep going.

Are you picky when in comes to the events you MC?

My favorite events at the moment are weddings. The mood, the vibe and the swag makes it more wonderful for me but I do birthdays, graduations, corporate functions, book launches and awards. So far I haven’t gotten any invitation to a gig that I declined.

Who will you say you aspire to be like as a MC and Entertainer?

Funny enough I’m inspired by Bonang Matheba, I do my best to follow up on what she is doing, what she is up to and watch how she does what she does. She has hosted some prestigious events globally and I wish I can meet her one day.

What is your dream event to host or MC?

When it comes to dream events, I would probably mention a few on the entertainment side: SAMAs, PSL AWARDS and SATMAs

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What are some other things you do apart from MCing?

Currently working at R Mahange and Associates and building my own company Famouseighty4 which does quite a lot of different types of work , we do clothing branding and also a shareholder of PATIENCE NTWANA clothing line

You travel a lot around SA, which are the most interesting places you’ve been to?

  • Durban by far takes the trophy such a beautiful and warm atmosphere I wouldn’t even mind moving there.
  • Cape Town is beautiful as well.
  • Port Elizabeth has a lovely atmosphere.

Image Courtesy: RedStrip Media

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