Meet Samukelisiwe Casendra Malinga

Samukelisiwe Casendra Malinga is a 27 years of age professional nurse and registered midwife. She is one person that loves travelling and commuting. She looks for various opportunities to empower and inspire young people and is a very much family oriented person.

A dreamer and very confident lady, she considers herself as a power house and is the founder of the Body Positivity Movement, a group of 10 plus-size models who are spreading body positivity through images and aim to empower and inspire other ladies.

What do you mean when you say Body Positivity?

when I say body positivity, I mean self love, being comfortable in your own, body, shape, size, skin color and all your imperfections and most of it all not confiding into society standards.

Tell us about the Body Positivity Movement?

Body Positivity is a movement that was created by myself to empower women who lack self confidence and self love, to boost their self esteem and confidence. The movement is open for joining to any woman from 21 years, size 36 and above is, who is considered as a plus-size, so they can DM us on Instagram.



What are some of the community and charity work you have done as group?

We have done one charity run on Mandela day this year. We have had food parcel and clothes distribution, but due to Covid 19 we only donated to 50 kids this time around.

What are some of the things you aim to achieve from the movement?

I would like to work with brands who will sponsor us, have events where we meet up and talk everything – body positivity and stopping body shaming.

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Can you share tips on how ladies can feel comfortable and confident in their skin and bodies?

Its not easy, but it all starts with accepting who you are and loving your self. Confidence is not built over night but its possible to return to self and give yourself some love.

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