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Meet Prudence Ramotso, The Lady Behind The Prudent Shoes Brand

Prudence Ramotso by name and prudent in business. When we introduce women in business, the world gets to see a true definition of a strong and a successful woman. Women need to reintroduce themselves, we cannot resist their presence; the more women in business the more we see positive changes.

“CROWN” is synonymous to power, dignity and strength. The Prudent Shoes brand was established in 2019 with no capital. Your shoes, your crown represent the way women walk with their heads high showing how confident they are and especially when a woman is wearing the right shoes everything falls into place, that is why they say “shoes are a woman’s weapon”. Shoes play a powerful role in a woman’s life, it boosts their self-esteem together with their confidence.

Prudence told Blazon Magazine that being a woman In a business industry is very difficult, because lots of people still have the mentality that women have no place in business. Prudence always tell herself that she is capable of anything, if yesterday didn’t go according to her wish, there will always be a tomorrow to try again and learn from mistakes. It is very important to be able to think fast and act fast when you are running a business.

Tell us why did you chose to use your name as your brand name?

I live up to my name, generally I take careful decisions in life which is the definition of PRUDENT so my brand name comes from my name. When wearing heels you take careful and calculated steps (PRUDENT).

Lets talk about Lindiwe Dube, your brand ambassador

Well Lindiwe Dube is our brand ambassador and speaking of a beautiful lady and a queen who is bold and fits to handle the power within Prudent shoes, without doubt a lot of achievements will be fulfilled in her presence.


Where do you see Prudent Shoes brand  in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see Prudent shoes sponsoring Miss South Africa; I see Prudent shoes collaborating with different business and people all over the world. I see Prudent shoes as one of the biggest brands internationally. I know that 5 years is a short period of time but setting goals and dreams is important so that you can know if you are near or far from your goals.

“Basetsana Kumalo is my inspiration and she is one of the women I look up to”. One interesting aspect of the brand is that the Prudent shoes give their shoe collection African names. Names such as Thando, Boitumelo, sibahle, Thandeka, Ayanda and Bonang are engraved on the outsole. Prudence has told Blazon Magazine that they will be launching their new designs in Johannesburg in mid 2021.

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