Meet Mamello Mahka – Socialite, Fashionista & Business Owner

Free State born Mamello Makha is a sports lover, image consultant, awards presenter and recipient. The Sports management & project management graduate is the CEO of Mamello Makha Exotic Beauty Salon and Boutique. Her love and involvement in the sports scene has taken her to several countries as well as receiving lots of recognition.

Blazon Magazine spoke to Mamello,  who now resides in Johannesburg, at one of her beauty salons in Gandhi Square, Joburg about her business and love for sports and looking good. 

“I started doing hair when I was very young. From the age of 7, I started doing my doll’s hair and from there neighbors would ask me to do their hair; I then realized I had a talent. I began doing house calls and when I got to university, I would do students and friends from school.

I believe a lot in saving and I would save my earnings from doing adverts, promotions, campaigns for World cup and other events. I got involved in many of the sporting activities to make money as a student. My business existed even before formalizing it and doing registrations.

My dream was to open the business back at home in Bloemfontein, but because I was still studying in varsity it didn’t really work out.”

Lessons in Business

Mamello shares, “One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is doing what you love. Passion + talent will take you far. This has always been something in my heart and I love doing. Its something I was also capable of doing with my hands. I also love looking good. I never went to school to learn beauty or hair making.”

“You cannot run a catering company if you cannot cook or love tasting food.”


Mamello has a little advice to business people as she shares her experience in the competitive hair and beauty industry. According to her, understand your target market is key to succeeding in any industry.

“I have learnt something, many people who were close to me began to copy me and try to do what I do, which I don’t have a problem with – I took that as a sign that I am a role model who can inspire others. I think I am unique as I use myself to market the brand. I always have to make sure I look good because I represent my business.”

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She adds: “Something very important in business is investing in your workers and treating them nicely. Without employees, the business is nothing. I have also learnt to pass my knowledge and skill to the people that work with me. Many clients used to like when I do their hair, but now they are fine with getting service from other members of my team.”

Sports and Fashion

Mamello is a big lover of soccer and sports. She studied Sports Management in varsity but her love for sports started much earlier.

“I really love sports and I think sports and fashion go together. Different organizations would invite me to events just because they love my style. I’m not on the tall side so I always want to stand out by looking very good.”

She added “When clients go to the business pages and platforms, they see my face and they get to trust the business and the product. I also have a boutique where we sell clothes. People will see the nice outfits I wear and ask where I got them. So I do events as a hobby but my personality and fashion sense helps my business.”

“My love for football started when I was young. I used to follow my mom to the stadium, at that time she used to sell things at the games so I would go along to assist her. I met other supporters when I moved to Johannesburg and we got really involved in preparing for the world cup, working on different campaigns.”

Speaking frankly, Mamello adds, “I used to play soccer back at home. To be honest, I wasn’t the best player so my coach thought I would be better being a team manager. I was involved with Bloemfontein Celtic team, University of Johannesburg ladies team. I’m still a strong Bloem Celtic supporter!”

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Women in Sports

The business owner and fashionista feels women play a big role in sports. According to her, Banyana Banyana is doing much better than their Bafana counterparts. “Where women are, there is strong leadership  and good results,” she added “We also need more sponsorship and corporate involvement in women related sports.” She cited Mbali Hlope, the Gauteng MEC of Sports, Arts, Culture & Recreation as a stalwart and good leader.

Her love and involvement in the sports scene has taken her to several countries as well as receiving lots of recognition. Most recent recognition is her nomination in the GSport For Girls 2020, Supporter of the Year category.

“Sports has changed me.and I will like to encourage other ladies to get involved in sports, it doesn’t have to be playing the sports.”


Last words

Start small – its not easy to start a business. If you have a dream and you are passionate about it and willing to learn along the way, you will accomplish great things.

It was a dream back then and I never know it will happen this quick. In five years, I have four branches currently and still growing. I treat my clients and employees as family and that has helped me a lot.

“The next stop will be Bloemfontein and we are hoping to open just after the lockdown issues.”


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