Meet Keoagile Mojafi, CEO of Keoagile

Keoagile Mojafi, age 24, was born and raised in a small town called Zeerust in the North West province. A lack of role models while growing up made him to rise to the challenge of living his life to the very best so he can inspire the kids growing up around him.

Keoagile is a digital marketing and advertising outfit designed and created by Keoagile Mojafi for artists and entrepreneurs in order to help boost their businesses by reaching more clients in the ever changing online digital world. He believes this platform is the future as it stands to be the a solid platform that’s 100% behind talents and entrepreneurs.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

The passion! I have been in love with digital marketing and advertising, and always wanted to be involved in this industry. Also being able to identify the gap between the entrepreneurs and clients in the online digital world, and being able to connect them together. Above all, I would still say its the passion that got me running the business.

How has Covid 19 affected you and your clients?

Negatively! The business is still quite new but covid has already had a negative impact on it as I am losing clients daily. As we all know, many businesses have had to close their doors due to lose of clients which means there’s no income for businesses. For me, I am keeping it in my prayers and I have a strong belief it will pick up very soon.

What are some of your plans for 2021?

The biggest of my 2021 plan is mostly to focus on the growth of the business so i would say, is seeing myself collaborating with as many brands possibly as i can. As for radio plugging, you also need to understand that i am not working only with artists, even record companies are welcome too.


Share some of the services your company offers

The services that I offer for now are radio plugging, digital marketing and advertising. When it comes to radio plugging, the client needs to understand that I do not work with a radio station or whatsoever, my job is to distribute music to different radio stations for airplay. And when the music meets the station’s requirements to be playlisted then it will be added to their playlist and get some air play. I always encourage artists to register themselves and their music with SAMRO, and the music must be radio edited (no swearing) and preferably under 4 minutes.

Tell us something special about Keoagile that makes it different from other PR companies?

On radio plugging the record companies and artist has to keep their 100% royalties, they don’t have to share with me, they only pay for my services. For digital marketing and advertising, I make sure by any means necessary to meet the client’s satisfaction.

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