Malema: Mandela made a mistake with RDP house; he should have given free education


The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EEF) Julius Malema says Nelson Mandela made a mistake by making RDP houses a priority, he believes that education should have been made a priority instead. Malema was addressing crowds of students at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) Steve Biko Campus this afternoon as part of his Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) campaign.

A number of students waited on the campus open field for their president to come and address them and to hear what they face as students at DUT. Although students expected him to be on time, Malema came in an hour late however that wasn’t a reason to prevent students from cheering in salutation and excitement as they welcome him on stage.

Some leaders of the party, the likes of Mam Makoti Khawulawho is also a member of parliament.

Malema said “Mandela shouldn’t consider RDP houses before free education, when people are educated they are able to build themselves houses because these RDP houses are not of our choices no one can choose such a match box, people want proper houses and that they do for themselves if we give them education.” He then added that the money is there, there is money in South Africa wasted amongst politicians for example deputy ministers , In the EFF government the won’t be any that.


“When we reduce ministry and cancel deputy ministers that money must go and finance education, we must also have parliament in Pretoria not Cape Town because when ministers account, they account in Cape town where by they will have to travel back and forth and that costs money but when parliament is in Pretoria and you are looking for a minister to account you just go nearby.”

The leader also added that students whom are receiving grants as well as their parents should not be asked for affidavits because them receiving grants means they are beneficiaries of government therefore they must get free education. Children of teachers and police officers should as well receive free education because their are parents are under paid.

Malema concluded that students should vote for the EFF because this is the only government that will give them free education.


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