Lucretius Back With 2021Single “Tumi Moliko” Ahead Of “Warm Tears” Mixtape

The young rapper pays an ode to young females taking up space in the entertainment industry with this new single, Tumi Moliko which was named after his close friend. Lucretius shines a light to the upcoming stars which make up his social circle, making a bold statement that the next generation is here and ready for their moment.

Produced by Travis Coly, Lucretius delivers infectious raps and catchy hook over an Afrobeat influenced beat – allowing the rapper to show off his energy and lyrical style.

Tumi Moliko echoes the sentiment of Warm Tears, his upcoming mixtape which heavily speaks on feeling underrated, unheard & wanting more. Sonically, the joy in the rapping and the pain within the vocals are juxtaposed very closely, further depicting the feelings of being a star on the rise.

Tumi Moliko is a statement piece that speaks to an entire generation. It is a victory song, a celebration, and an honouring to those around you.

Lucretius new single Tumi Moliko is available across all platforms today.

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