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Founded on the passion behind self-love, radiation and honour, Dr. Patience Ntshani also known as Dr. Pashy has worked her way through the medical scene; her success as well as a strong sense of professionalism can be seen within her work ethic.

Her strong will and mental ambition behind everything she touches, besides her profession, allowed her to be a part of the prestigious, WOMEN IN BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP SEMINAR in 2018 which was hosted by Author and Director, Itumeleng Kganakga. She continues in her drive for business and leadership to future aspiring business women.

Groomed and nurtured under the influence of self discipline and hard work, Dr Ramaremela joins Blazon Magazine to share some of her career highlights and personal journey towards success.

Sis’ wami ingawe lento..(totally about you). Like myself and many others who are eager to know your bright spark, do give us a slight glimpse on who Dr. Pashy is.

“Dr Pashy Ntshani is an internationally recognised anesthesiologist with special expertise in Open Heart Surgery. I have obtained the following qualifications: A degree in Bachelors of Medicine, Bachelors of surgery – MBCHB, A diploma in anesthesiology -DA, Fellowship in anesthesiology – FCA, a Masters of medicine in anesthesiology and critical care”. I am an all-rounder kind of woman, a powerhouse. I am a globe trotter, a style icon, international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, a daughter, sister, wife, mother, you name it…. (giggles).

What/Who has been a source of encouragement towards your career decision which has allowed people to know the women you have grown to become?

Growing up, I was inspired by our family doctor and as I grew older, I realised that my personality traits were perfect for the field. Therefore, I’ve always known that my destiny is to be of service to the next person. That is how I chose to be a doctor. Again, I was exposed to anesthesiology in the 5th year of medical school, my discovery of a hidden treasure. Even though it was a ‘two month feel’, I had adopted it as a lifetime career”.

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Becoming a anesthesiologist entails a lot of dedication. Do share your personal upbringing and the experiences your career has brought upon?

“I am a rural girl who had nothing but a dream. I was obedient to my calling and I live a life that benefits others. I worked really hard for all that I have, I am highly educated and I save lives. I anesthetize for open heart surgeries and I once graced an international stage, sharing my anesthetic techniques with anesthesiologists from around the world”.

If you weren’t an Anesthesiologist, what else would you have loved to become?

“I would’ve been a chemical engineer since I had a scholarship offer to study at wits. However, I chose medicine instead”.

Where does your spirit of tender love & care derive from, could you say it’s from your  upbringing?

“We were raised by Godly parents who would always help other people one way or another. Therefore, stepping into a career that involves helping other people has always been a dream to us all. Making a difference in people’s lives as well as saving them is what we live for, it’s more of a family calling, if I may say”.

From Anesthesiology as a profession to Philanthropy, what more do you still seek to achieve?

“I would love to travel more. Travelling gives me a platform to learn a lot of things that I was never exposed to in the classroom, which in turn has made me appreciate my own country even more. Travelling makes me an authentic storyteller. I do want to participate in a lot of community projects. My goal is to visit many rural destinations and bring out motivational talks to young girls, telling them my own story and hoping to motivate and instill the drive to work hard to get to where they want to be in life”.

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Moving away from formalities, what is Dr. Pashy’s favourite Automobile, Dish and Signature Style?

  • My favourite automobile is the Italian Porsche Cayanne hence I’m driving the Platinum Edition.
  • My favourite dish is a chicken salad with olives, avocado and feta cheese.
  • My signature style is definitely bodycon dresses. I am blessed with an amazing body figure.


Kindly brief us about “Dr Pashy’s Closet.” What inspired the idea behind it?

“Well… Dr Pashy’s closet is something that I hold very close to my heart because, as a style icon, the idea was to give young women beautiful, elegant and affordable looks. The business site of fashion was overwhelming, so I decided to close it down”.

What words of advice would you like to share  to the young girl/boy child that aspires to become a future Dr. Pashy?

  • Never see yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you.
  • Be obedient to your calling
  • Never give up on your dreams.


Dr. Patience Ramaremela is living proof behind the motive that: “There is no barrier but diligence in order to make it”.

Trot the globe, if the opportunity presents itself, drive a Porsche if you can but remember, hard work truly does pay off!


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  1. Wow…such an amazing story, I must say I am motivated..I’m also studying Bachelor’s degree of public health but wanna do medicine after..
    I am from a muddy background but hopefully by Gods grace the dreams he instilled in my mind shall come to pass..
    I indeed believe that if a women like you can make it, I also can achieve what I want…


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