Lockdown Dish

Today, Chef Sfiso Madonela shares a meal tip with us.

I’ve chosen Pork head stew & dumpling (steamed bread) as another meal that we can prepare and enjoy during the lockdown in our houses.

This is a very healthy traditional food. And one of the things about pigs is that almost every part of the animal is edible but more importantly certain parts are very nutrient – dense. Such is the pig’s head – An incredible source of naturally occurring gelatin and various other nutrients. Although our great grandparents ate this sort of food regularly, and it’s a bit unusual nowadays…The gelatin from a pig’s head is very high in the amino acid glycine which is very useful to our bodies, it also promotes better sleep, helps with attention and memory and boosts our immune systems.

Most cultures around the world have historically eaten pig’s heads but that is now largely abandoned. So I think we should make use of the lockdown as a time for a pork head dish revival in our houses; I’ll be preparing it again during the week, but with pap this time.

So how about we try some pork head stew and steamed bread (dumpling) this week? A very comforting, mouth watering traditional dish.

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