Levi’s® WFH Sweats (Work From Home)

Whether you’re working at home or simply relaxing at home, you’d be hard pressed to find a more comfortable outfit to do it in than a pair of sweats. Soft, stretchy, cozy, it’s truly the pinnacle of loungewear. But nowadays, with the lines blurring between home and office, it’s nice to have some sweats that are not only comfortable, but also something you can actually feel presentable in when you leave the house. Which is exactly where the 2021 Levi’s® WFH Sweats Collection comes in.

WFH Sweats Collection is pretty much the final word in head-to-toe fleece. Each piece—the WFH Sweats Crew and the WFH Sweatpant is made with a super soft cotton blend and comes in a range of colors and patterns. These ultra-comfortable sweats can be mixed and matched in a truly mind-bending array of combinations. They have a vintage vibe a relaxed fit. The fabric is a heavier weight and captures that classic aesthetic, but still perfectly modern thanks to the wide range of color, pattern, and style combinations.

“We wanted to create a new, effortless and cozy sweat hook-up for everyone. It’s inspired by pieces we found from our archive, with a 90’s look and feel, with more relaxed proportions and style but made for today. They’re comfy and cozy, perfect to wear in and to wear out and about. We captured quality, cool and comfort all in one.”—Karyn Hillman, Chief Product Officer at Levi’s®

Pair them with your favorite socks or fuzzy slippers at home, and then with your favorite pair of sneakers when you leave the house for that coffee run. You can also split them up to maximize their style variety—sweatpants with a striped tee and a Levi’s® Trucker Jacket, hoodie with your favorite pair of Levi’s® 501 ’93s, shorts with a button-down camp shirt and your favorite retro sneakers. Whatever the combination, sky’s the limit.

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