Last Minute Christmas Steals on OLX

Elesi Azumah

With 14 days left until Christmas,as the coolest clan from the east, we have officially marked the 25th of December as the end of our “Doomsday Prepping”.

Our shopping wishlist is finalised together with all the vital necessities needed for D-Day’. Yet once again the online itch called my name and I decided to make last minute purchases on one of “South Africa’s favourite online shopping sites, OLX”!

From our last shopping escapade on OLX, I made a lot of big purchases like my Castle Lite Mini Bar Fridge, Braai Trolley Farmhouse Series and my lovely Patio Bench Set which were all super saver deals. “Might I add my immaculate negotiating skills too”!

This time as a unit,(since I was actually out voted on my buying power) we have decided to down scale on the buying process and look for essentials. First things first, venture for goodies on the outdoor category and immediately, we found what we needed- “A brand new Stretch Tent which is #Summer Goals”!


Regarded as a steal because of the insane asking price, at first we found this deal too good to be true because it’s exactly that. I logged on to my OLX account and looked up the sellers profile and ‘Voila’, it was active and absolutely legit. I sent a message and received an instant response from the Khanyile family who reside in the Northside of Durban called Ballito and just like that it was sold to us.

Very eager to sell, we were rather happy to buy. No negotiations on my end due to my husband’s excitement and I must say disappointment was the furthest thing on my mind because we actually made an exceptional purchase. “Now we can use the stretch tent to cover our bench set area during Christmas Brunch with the clan”.

This year I actually realised we needed more kitchen cutlery because in a space of two years we have introduced eight more people into the family which meant everything literally went ‘Bigger X2’.

After what seemed to be a lifetime of therapy from my husband due to my obsessive relationship with OLX, “like it’s my fault”! This was to be my final online purchase for the year.

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Bittersweet for the most part because it meant no more long hours of searching for goods, getting in contact with sellers to make killer deals or just endless browsing to see what might pop up for sale within the various categories.

Nonetheless, I took my last mission seriously like “Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible” and after a good hour searching through household goods, I managed to kill two birds with one stone all due to my sheer diligence and purchased a 48 piece kitchen set which included a 48 gold-plated cutlery piece set.


Residing a mile away from my apartment in Glenwood, contacting Mr. Kamva (seller) was quick and straightforward. His asking price was a bit steep but – “Hey, a women should splurge on her family once in a while”.

Being the host with most this festive season has proved rather tricky from: saving money, prepping, purchasing goods to please the family and I must say the journey has been well worth it. It’s officially a wrap!

Before we part ways dear friend, (being OLX ofcourse) let’s toast to: “Being the host with the most, Doomsday Shopping on OLX and to the rest of 2018, Cheers!


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