Khotso Releases New Single “Eng Eng” For Men Who Deserve Better In Relationships

Eng Eng is the latest single by recording artist Khotso, well-known for his work on The Lion King movie soundtrack with Lebo M. His previous single Tiisetsa was a South African favourite as it received generous airplay across a number of radio stations and TV channels. This new release by the Sotho folk and R+B star also features a heart-tugging  music video reenacted and based on true life events.

What was the inspiration for the single?

“I was inspired to write the single Eng Eng while going through a breakup with my ex-girlfriend many years ago. Writing the song helped me very much in healing from that particular situation. So the song is actually a true life situation for me.”

What is the song about?

“The song is about a man in pain, having just found out from his friends that his girlfriend has been cheating on him. He feels all the more stupid because he was warned about this girl by everyone close to him and ignored the warning. She is begging for forgiveness but he is resolute that he is moving on. He doesn’t even want to know the details of who she was with, when, why, etc. He is done. This is something men go through a lot but many times they find it hard to express their emotions about such issues.”

Who did you work with on this single?

“I wrote and produced the single myself, working with session musicians from Lesotho. I arranged the song with my bass player, Thabo Mlangeni. The song also features Leka on keyboards, Katleho “Turf” Mohasoa on guitar, Tsekiso Motaung on drums, and Tholoana on backing vocals.”

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What can we expect from you in the future? Any more planned releases?

“I am always busy writing and producing songs for both myself and other artists. There are several upcoming projects I look forward to releasing very soon that I will be involved in”

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