Keeping Up With Ayanda Ncwane

Ayanda Ncwane definitely doesn’t need any introduction. The easy going South African businesswoman and celebrity is widely known as being the manager and widow of the late S’fiso Ncwane. The mother of two boys who manages the Gospel group Abathandwa, had a sit down and photoshoot with Blazon Magazine just before the National lockdown.

You are a Mother, Media Personality, Business woman and Fashion Icon. What keeps you going despite some of the challenges you have faced in life.

I am not afraid of challenges at all. My understanding of breakthrough is – I must face a giant and remain standing for me to receive a breakthrough. I’ve also equipped myself with the word of God and prayer as my lifestyle. So I’m hardly afraid to face challenges.

How do you balance being a mother and business woman who is always on the road?

My children were born into the system; there’s nothing else they know apart from travelling parents. Whenever I’m not working, I spend every second with them so I can never loose out on their childhood.

What does Easter mean to you?

Its very personal for me. It is the biggest Christian event that according to the Bible our savior was crucified. It simply symbolizes newness, restoration and ultimate spiritual cleansing.

What’s your ideal way to celebrate Easter?

For me and my kids, we attend as many gospel events and Church services as possible, I will continue doing so during the COVID-19 lockdown in my house through the online services.

How will you be spending the Easter holidays with the Covid-19 virus affecting events and travels?

I’ll capitalize on Online church-ing, in fact this is even bigger because I’ll attend as many church services as possible. Even attending and watching Pastors I’ve always wanted to visit during Easters. This is actually as MANA period for us as we have an access to as many Pastors this year’s Easters.

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How does it feel trying to keep and maintain the Sfiso Ncwane legacy?

Very fulfilling, even though it is a challenging one as you know he was a giant and loved too much by his fans.

What can you tell us about the African Gospel Awards and the planned Festival in South Africa?

Afica Gospel Awards are going to be the vehicle to empower gospel artists in Africa financially with unity. And most importantly, braking down the borders that have separated us as Africans through music.

You travel a lot, where are your favorite holiday spots locally and internationally?

Locally its Kynsna and Cape Town. Internationally, give me West Africa anytime. I’m fascinated by their way of living. My ultimate favourite destinations are Monaco and Greece.

Can you share with us 4 things that people don’t really know about you?

1. I’m the South Africa’s top female Record Label Executive.

2. I have received a Humanitarian Honorary award for my work philanthropic work in 2017.

3. I am a Qualified Agriculturist (Farmer)

4. I’m a very good and trained Opera soprano singer.

What are some virtues or words of wisdom you will like to share your fans, especially to young ladies.

Work hard as if you have no one to ask help from. In your 20’s do your best to establish yourself. Marriage should not stop you from archiving your dreams, You are married and not in a coma. There’s a special grace God grants married women to handle both married life, raising kids and archiving your dreams at once.

Photographer: @redstripmedia
Assistant Photographer: @sick_dope_pix
Stylist: @phuphogumedek
Hair: @bandy_k
Make up: @nomsamadida
Outfits: @flavoursboutique
Head crown: @headcoverdesign_sa
Location: The Capital On The Park

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