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What A Man, What A Man, What A Man, What A Mighty Good Man…  In the words of Salt – n – Pepa can we all just take a moment of silence and breathe in all the beauty  Keegan Martin has too offer.

Stylish, Sexy, Confident and Talented… What more could we ask for?? From Idols fame to the evolution of the artist he is today, it is only fair we raise a glass and celebrate sheer talent from our shores.

The formalities of explaining one’s background is Done to Death. What we as Blazon would like to know is where did the name, ‘All the cool names were taken’ come about?

Funny story actually! I asked my sister @shallatheunicorn to assist me with ideas for insta handles and she tried a few cool names  but all they all seemed to be taken – so she thought that the name (all the cool names were taken) would be a cool handle.I intended to change it as time went on but I guess people started getting attached to the name so I ended up keeping it,” Keegan shares.

You started singing at the tender age of 8, joined your church choir at 14 and by your Matric year became school choir-conductor. How has your upbringing influenced the beginning of your musical path?

” My upbringing influenced my musical path from the time I remember hearing my father play what we called back then Alpy’s on his Alpy player. He bought me a little mic that connected to the radio so I could practice and I think that’s where my love for music started.

Singing in a church choir was really my training process. It is where I learned what it is to be a professional singer, and where I learned the understanding and the importance behind the lyrics of a song and how that plays a huge role in changing peoples lives through music and not just being a good singer”.

Within your 2016 Idols journey, you made it to the Top 7. Contrary Belief is that most Idols winners never really break into the industry after the competition yet previous contestants such as Amanda Black and Shekinah are killing the scene including yourself. What is your personal take on the Idols platform?

“My personal take on the Idols platform is that it gives you the opportunity and assists with building a fan base before releasing any music.

It gives you a taste of the possibilities in life but where a lot of people go wrong is expecting the platform to give them the opportunity to skip certain steps causing them to think they don’t have to work hard.

After Idols you start all over again, the only difference is you are on a different level. You still have to put in the hard work to become known for your originality ,creativity ,artistry, and craft as opposed to being remembered as Keegan From Idols …With that said Humility is Key, “he says.

Your fashion sense is incorporated with alot of bold statement risks and colours. Where does this fierceness stem from or rather who inspires it?

“When it comes to my fashion sense and style, it is very inspired by the 90s as I was born in that era. However growing up I always use to be a people pleaser, very afraid of standing out and being different, as a result I always played it safe when it came to fashion.

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I think it had a lot to do with not knowing or understanding what and who I was born to be on but ever since I discovered that, I find it very easy to dress up and even design my own outfits from old clothes and material that I recycle and recreate!

So to answer the question I Inspire myself to dress the way I do, “he brags.

Scenerio…. Keegan Martin has just joined us at the Annual Met Gala 2019. Who are you dressed by on today’s red carpet, the after- party and who is your date……

“I would love to be dressed by Rich Mnisi and my after party date would be Bonang”.

You are often perceived as a ‘ladies man’ and have a unique look that is also easy on the eye! Would you describe yourself as one of South Africa’s sex symbols?

“I am a Church Boy, I don’t know anything about being considered a sex symbol in SA! Just Kidding… But If that’s how others see me then that’s how they see me, I can’t control how others decide to see me but how I see myself “. 

You seem to be very big on transformation! Word is you have lost 28kgs in a space of 5months #Amazing. Where did the weight lose urge derive from and what opportunities do you believe it has brought upon the Keegan Brand?

“I am very big on transformation and the word speaks for itself!  If there is no growth in your life then you are living a life without purpose and meaning. Transformation is the key to becoming a pioneer at what you do. I have lost 28 kgs and I feel lighter, healthy,  energetic ,positive ,focused. This has allowed me to be more experimental with different outfits and looks that allow me to be free in my own skin and express myself fully without limitations. If you feel healthy you will attract health, ” he says.

On the musical forte, I know you and Fifi Cooper are about to drop something and that you also have some musical work lined up with lead singer of Jamali, Mariechan. Spill the tea on your projects?

“As much as I would love to spill the tea on my collaboration projects coming up, I unfortunately I won’t be able too because I love the element of surprise.

However I believe collaboration is very important as it allows different artists to paint art on the same canvas and allow the world to see what happens when there’s unity!

“No man is a island ,like the late legend Sis Brenda Fassie said: Umuntu Ngumuntu nga Bantu”.

You are also about to head on a National Tour in honour of Rnb Legend, Mr Tevin Campbell! Where did the idea spark from and who will be joining you on tour?

“I recently posted a cover of myself singing Rnb Legend, Tevin Campbells song- I’m Ready on Instagram and Twitter and to my surprise he responded and retweeted my tweet and liked the video. It was a sign that loving his music all these years was not a mere coincidence!

I teamed up with ZL Entertainment in Port Elizabeth to do the Tevin Campbell tour throughout South Africa. We have already started and our first stop was Bloemfontein, next is Port Elizabeth. We shall be in Cape Town,Durban,Grahams Town,East London and  many cities throughout the country, “Keegan shares.

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During our brief discussions, you mentioned not releasing work prematurely and wanting to give South Africans a body of work that shall be released in 2020. Speak to us on that and how you continue to remain so level headed in an industry that’s always pressuring artists to release ‘new music’ especially with our ever evolving industry?

“It took me all the time I needed after being on the biggest reality show, SA Idols, to discover who Keegan Martin is and what my mission and purpose is in this world is. Releasing music for me is much more than just dropping a single with the hope to get famous!

It gives healing to a sick world through the art of music and that’s my purpose. I had to go through a time of deep self- introspection.I had to look after my life and make sense of everything I had to endure and experience  before I was ready to start writing song to hearing melodies about songs that represent each painful event I ever had to endure !

A note to other singers: Never release music due pressure. Be true to who you are and your calling! Timing Is everything,” he shares.

Congrats on bagging Brand Influencer for Castle Lite Unlocks 2019. (Shout-out Castle Lite).  What has the association of the brand done for ‘your personal brand’ and what more can we expect to see from it?

“Firstly I would like to say shout-out to ‘Castle Lite Unlocks’ for one of the Biggest highlightes In South Africa thus far for 2019. The event is set to be a cultural spectacle and has evolved from not just being a alcoholic brand but a change within the Hip-Hop industry.

Hip Hop is not just a genre but a way of life. It’s  a movement which brings international artists like, Meek Mill and Post Malone to share a stage with amazing South African Hip-Hop Artists such as :AKA , Nadia Nakai, Casper Nyovest, Ricky Rick ,Nomuzi.

This is music history for our country and it shows that Castlelite understands the importance of uniting the world through the language of music!

“Being selected as an influencer for Castle Lite Unlocks was a absolute pleasure, one could feel the magic in the air at the Ticket Pro Dome with a Castlelite touch that made everything magical. I intend on having a long lasting relationship with the brand as I believe they have achieved something that will ‘Unlock’ this nation for a change and a brighter tomorrow.


Lastly I would like to send a shout-out to (M-Sport) for the experience,” he explains.

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