JUU-LEE-INN – A Blend of Trap and Worship

Born in January 1993 in the city of Buffalo, New York. Known as Juu-lee-inn Jules, is an American artist of Puerto Rican, African-American, Native American and Jamaican descent.

Juu-lee-inn is a recording artist, song writer, musician, music producer, host and ceo. He had an ear for music at a very early age. His grandmother had a piano in the house he gravitated to where he began to teach himself to play piano. He plays multiple instruments.

Your work, Trap & Worship; briefly walk us through the whole concept and every idea behind it.

My Latest Ep Trap & Worship was inspired by my journey of life growing up in buffalo, New York while facing many tough adversities. I always knew I had purpose on my life, I always knew God chose me for greatness but that doesn’t stop life problems and situations from coming always. I had to learn to have faith through everything and it wasn’t easy. God got me through. The lessons help shape my lyrics and messages. Through the trap I worshiped.

What inspired the idea of juggling genres?

I always loved and appreciated the different genres of music. As an artist and producer, I never want to put myself in a box. I grew up listening to worship music and I always loved urban genres like hip-hop, trap, jazz, soul, RnB, so I decided to do something un-traditional and mix trap with worship. They blend so well together its true art. Every project I drop will be a different genre. You never catch me staying in one lane.

Let’s talk about “Your strength“. Was the idea of the song based on a true story? It has a touching image behind it.

Thank you. Your Strength is one of my and everyone’s favorites on the project. As I begin to play the piano when creating the instrumental I could feel something stirring on the inside. I knew that song would touch many people even with just the music. That song truly came from my heart. I free styled 10 out of 11 of the songs on Trap & Worship. Your Strength was one of the songs I free styled, it just flowed as I began to sing line after line with no pen, no writing anything down. Even while creating it I felt like God was with me. I lost a lot of people and friends I loved. I’ve seen some tragic things and overcame death more than once. This song was me singing from my soul and spirit saying God I need your strength. There is nothing more powerful than God’s strength – I ask for it on a daily.

Which international footsteps did your music career lead you through?

My music, social media, mission trips have definitely lead me to different countries. I have a very special connection with Africa as a whole even though I’m from Buffalo, New York USA. 35% of my following is from Africa. Africa shows so much love and respect everyone is very supportive and loving. I will always show love back.

Paint us a brief picture of your musical background through childhood.

As a child I always had a ear for music. It’s like I naturally gravitated towards it. My grandmother had a piano in the house and I would just mess around with and would start playing songs one key at a time, which later progressed to piano chords. I never took any piano lessons – I taught myself to play by ear; the gift is definitely from God. Piano is also what lead me to music production at the age of 14 which took years to learn all through.

Among the many people you reached out to for support, who pulled through mightily for you to be where you are today?

I want to dedicate this question and answer to my mother. There is so many great things I can say about her. The best things she ever did was raise me to put God first even though I messed up many times.

If it wasn’t for her example of faith and prayer I would not be here. Her love has always been unconditional. Even as a young man to go through some of the hard trials I been through I know if it wasn’t for my mother I would be dead. She has spoken life when death tried to grip me more than once. She never gave up on me. Her spiritual discernment and wisdom has helped me stay out of serious situations. I always didn’t listen but after looking back I knew she was right many times. The music she raised me on is why I have a spirit of worship today. She is also a great singer so expect music from us together in the near future.

List 2 gospel and 2 trap artists as well as songs by these artists that you regard as your favorite.

My favorite 2 gospel artists are Fred Hammond and Kirk Franklin. Their creativity, anointing and different styles of music has inspired my sound in a unique way. My favorite Trap/hip-hop artists are Lecrae and Kendrick Lamar. Lecrae introduced me to faith in hip-hop before I had never really heard that before. He inspired me knowing I could come out a tough city and still bring my faith to music in genres where you don’t really hear it. Kendrick is just an all-around lyrical genius. His story telling is incredible. Favorite Fred Hammond song – No weapon. Kirk song – Stomp. Lecrae’s song Background ft. Andy Mineo. Kendrick’s song – Sing about Me dying of thirst.

Which artists have you worked with and who do you still target for your career profile in future?

I’ve worked with many artists from all over, doing music production for many projects including doing a collaboration with a Grammy nominated producer. I want to do a song with anyone I follow on Instagram the people I follow are some people who musically are amazing to me. It’s hard to name because it’s so many people I want to work with including artist im not following.

Which places do you wish to visit in South Africa and which South African artist would you appreciate a studio session with?

Johannesburg and Cape Town Definitely! I can’t wait to come visit I see so many great things about these places and they look so beautiful. You have great culture art music and fashion. South African artists I love are Martin Pk and Mahalia Buchanan; their voices are needed during this time, amazing and anointed.

What’s to be expected of Juu-lee-inn in the next 3 years?

In the next 3 years I will touch many nations. I will have many more projects, music videos out and will continue to grow. Expect so much more from me including performing and touring nationally and globally, Movies, commercials, more radio. I will touch millions!! I will sign my first artist in the next years. The one thing I won’t do is slow down. All glory to God for every blessing you see in my life!

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