Bongani Dlamini also known as DJ BONGZ is a platinum selling House DJ and hitmaker who has achieved great success in the music business whilst keeping a low profile. One cannot talk about the South African House Music scene and not mention the impact and influence of DJ Bongz; from giving us ‘Sobabili’, ‘Stuck On You’ and now ‘WINTSI’ to giving us the gwara gwara which has become South Africa’s signature dance move.

Through his experiences over the years, Bongz has learned that not everyone wants the best for you. The new single ‘WINTSI’ is a collaboration between DJ Bongz and Nigerian artists Noble Jay and Captain Blu with vocals from Masandi. It talks about ‘haters’ who are all over, we as a people have to overcome them if we are civil with one another. The South Africa/Nigerian musical synergy has been proven in many collaborations and ‘WINTSI’ has made it to that list.

DJ Bongz is back with an album to reaffirm his spot at the top for all ‘wintsis’ to witness. Da Soul Boyz’s production on the song fuses the Zulu vocals of Masandi & DJ Bongz perfectly with that of their Nigerian counterparts who seal the masterpiece with the widely adored Afrobeats vibe.


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