Grito De Delores: Celebrating Mexico’s Day Of Independence

Mexico’s Independence Day is a day of celebration and festivity: parades, mariachi concerts, an abundance of food, and above all else, a strong sense of national pride. As a proud and authentically Mexican brand, our Espolòn Blanco label is a tribute to the landmark occasion.

Each year, Mexico celebrates Independence Day on September 16 to commemorate the day in 1810 when Father Miguel Hidalgo led the Mexican people to stand up to the injustices of Spanish rule. Today, the day reminds us of Father Miguel Hidalgo’s ‘El Grito de Delores’ battle cry that gave courage to the people of Mexico and set in motion a revolution that subsequently led to their freedom. A piece of Mexico’s authentic history is illustrated on every bottle of Espolon. In the case of the Espolòn Blanco label, the brand tells the theme of “revolution” – reflected in the illustration of our rooster and brand icon, Ramon.

Ramon is both Espolòn’s brand icon and its spirit animal. Ramòn leads the charge, guided by Guadalupe, the fearless calavera who rides on his back. He’s not afraid to stir things up, and he can be counted on anytime you need a little spur to get things going. We like to think that Ramòn was there on that great day of independence, spurring the people along and setting the stage for revolution.

This September 16, Espolòn is proud to participate in the day’s celebrations and honour Mexico’s independence with a signature Espolòn Paloma.


  • 60ml Espolòn Blanco

  • 120ml pink grapefruit soda

  • 15ml fresh lime juice


  • Build in a tall (Collins) glass filled with ice.

  • Stir to perfectly mix the ingredients.

  • Garnish with a lime wedge.

  • Optional: sea salt flake rim.

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