From Limpopo to “Mawatle”

New school rapper and all-rounder musician, CzAr ODriego, has released his smash record, Mawatle, out now on all digital stores.

It is not everyday where we see young creatives fight hard for what they believe in without expecting any handout. Tiego Matibe Molatudi, 29, is an embodiment of the abovementioned. He is hardworking and wants to make a name for himself.

He is known professionally as CzAr ODriego. CzAr has proven that whether he is on a stage making thousands of music lovers dance to his new school rap music or solving problematic mathematical equations – he will reach his dreams one way or another.

It was on a windy blue Monday after school when CzAr penned his smash hit single titled Mawatle.

CzAr holds a B.Ed degree from the University of Limpopo. He spends his days teaching mathematics and Science, but on the particular day he envisioned being out and wild with a nice vibe, thus the title Mawatle.

“Mawatle is a follow up single to Meetse Ka Ntlong. The story here grows giving more meaning to the idea of making a name in the industry and calling everyone to watch and celebrate as I surf my way to the top. It’s a song for those who love to party and drink. So, Mawatle here refers to all the liquor that we drown ourselves in when we’re happy,” he explains.

After gaining public recognition, he won the Exposure Media Production music video competition. He knew that the road would be lengthy. However, with sheer determination he too would be counted amongst the stars.

CzAr explains further, “I knew my journey would not be easy. Thus far the biggest challenges I’ve faced on the come up is being taken advantage of by promoters and people wanting us to do free shows. I am self-funded and rely on paying gigs to boost my marketing budget -budget.”

Stream or download MAWATLE here

Mawatle is a feel-good song that speaks about wanting to have a good time, but it also shares a part of his life of being an educator.

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“It’s important to get educated, because it gives you the opportunity to hustle better, fund your dreams and be. You know schools knock off before 5pm and most of the time we’re free on weekends. So, for me that’s time to create and record more material.”

Make sure you keep your ears on the ground as CzAr ODriego rides his way all the way to the top with his new school sound.

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