Former Freshlyground Lead Singer Zolani Mahola Releases New Single ‘Remember Who You Are’

Zolani Mahola, also known to her fans as The One Who Sings, is set to embark on the next  chapter of her musical journey, with her captivating and uplifting solo single “Remember Who  You Are”.

After 17 successful years with pan-African supergroup Freshlyground, the Cape Town based  singer and change-maker is exploring new sonic terrain and flexing her creative muscles.

This newfound artistic freedom has seen her collaborate with various artists in 2020 from  multiple Grammy-award winning classical musician Yo Yo Ma, to South African house music’s  golden boy SunEl Musician.

Built around a rhythmic backbeat of percussive handclaps and with its soaring vocals,  “Remember Who You Are” is a rousing call for all to embrace their sovereign self-worth. The message is wrapped in an intoxicating blend of eastern-influenced sounds and electronica  … elements which will delight old fans and invite new listeners into the world of The One Who  Sings.

Watch ‘Remember Who You Are’ here

Produced by acclaimed beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist Mr Sakitumi, the track offers a  snapshot of Zolani’s new musical direction, and is a delightful taster ahead of her solo EP which  is scheduled for release by Platoon in the first quarter of 2021.

The new song was written for and inspired by the #GiveHerACrown campaign which was  officially launched on November 24th 2020.

#GiveHerACrown is a female empowerment platform which aims to change the narrative for  women using storytelling and the arts.

Mahola is the ambassador of this far-reaching campaign, which was created by the Change  Collective, and forms part of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign against GBV.

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Zolani explains her creative process as such, “When I was thinking about the campaign I went  out into a wide open natural landscape with my guitar. I felt myself a part of the landscape … I  considered the birds singing, the mountains in their majesty and later the splendour of the stars.  I considered how we are all made of matter and as such are connected with all living things. The  question formed: if the stars, mountains and birds are perfect then is the case not the same with  us as humans? ”

Mahola is passionate about emphasizing the indelible connection between humans and the  natural world and this theme together with highlighting the sanctity of childhood form the  thematic basis of her solo work going forward.

“Remember Who You Are” will be available for streaming / download on all Digital Platforms on  Friday 27 Nov 2021. The music video, created by Inka Kendzia, will be available for release on  the same day.

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