Flying Fish Meets Lifestyle

Flying Fish spokesperson, Colleen Duvenage, says: “As a people’s brand, Flying Fish is constantly on the lookout for fun and interesting opportunities that help us connect with our consumers and their needs, while enabling greater interaction with these fly guys and girls to be able to add some flavour to their lives. The Clubhouse is exactly this. A virtual platform that will allow our community to add some flavour to their lives, without getting up off the couch.”

Kicking off the reveal of street cool at The Clubhouse is the brand’s first-ever fashion collaboration with Amen Interior Fashion – a daring duo made up of South African fashion and interior designers. Amen will launch its proudly green and gold urban street couture label at The Clubhouse in the next few weeks. Denim by Dome and other incredible streetsmart designers – some still to be announced – will follow in the coming weeks and months.

“We are jumping out the water (or more like the design studio) with excitement for the opportunity to add some AMEN fashion flavour to a tasty brand known for adding flavour. AMEN x Flying Fish apparel is soon to be every trendy person’s must-have this coming season. We are super excited for the opportunity and hope that the public love our take on Flying Fish Fashion – Brad & Abiah AMEN Interior Fashion”

True to the brand, the fashion reveal will be all about individuality and authenticity. Each designer’s range will release restricted runs of exclusive once-offs rather than mass production, to preserve the uniqueness of Flying Fish and its dynamic drinkers. The fashion reveal marks the first of many exciting ventures that will be coming to life on Flying Fish’s e-commerce platform, The Clubhouse.

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Duvenage says this kind of innovation, based on understanding the brand’s consumers and what they want, is what keeps Flying Fish ahead of the rest. “Flying Fish has been voted one of SA’s Top 30 Brands*, with our relatively young brand recognised amongst iconic SA brand-leaders, a newcomer ‘punching above its weight’ and a trendsetter. The Clubhouse is simply the latest initiative on this road. Much more lies ahead!”

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