Eternal Africa creates soundtrack for the continent – No Fear

African producer, singer and songwriter, Eternal Africa, has just released his first single for 2019 titled No Fear featuring Mo-T of Mi Casa.

The talented producer has created a soundtrack for Africa that we believe will resonate with everyone.

“We have come to terms that trouble or tough times are inevitable. At tough times the best thing to do is to have a “No Fear” mentality. A “No Fear” mentality will help you make good decisions. People are living in constant fear, fear of not having or losing their basic needs. I wrote this song to help you and I gain courage to take back what is ours,” shares Eternal Africa.


“I am really excited about the latest song I recorded with a super talented artist that goes by the name of Eternal Africa. What a pleasure working with this gentleman. No Fear is a track that touches your soul, reminding you to go for all the things you love without having fear and without waiting for peoples approval,” shares Mo-T.


When trouble come your way, make you no fear (2×)

(When trouble comes your way, don’t be afraid)

You can also watch the No Fear pseudo video which includes an array of people’s “No Fear” images on YouTube later this evening.

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