Eksé Wobbly -From Underdog to Top Payola

Jifa Azumah

From playing in dusty taverns to introducing International artists such as Rick Ross to being a resident DJ for Nasty C’s Ivyson Tour, Andile Mahlinza aka DJ Wobbly has had quite the journey.

With 7 years under his belt, DJ Wobbly has moved from strength to strength never forgetting, “Family First”. “I’m tired of being an underdog, so I’m bringing full heat this year”. A true taker of 2019!

Know as Andile Mahlinza but now known as the ‘Infamous’ DJ Wobbly. How did that name come about?

“The name Wobbly came from a stupid saying my boys and I came up with, ‘1 Wobbly Wobbs, 2 Bubbly bubbs, 3 Shoobs shoobs’. It has no meaning whatsoever but we just enjoyed saying it. The Wobbly Wobbs stuck with me but it was too long so I removed the ‘Wobbs” and Wobbly sounded unique and easy to remember”.


Your love for hip hop music is evident. Was this always the plan, to become a Hip Hop/Trap DJ?

“Not even hey! I used to be a house DJ when I started DJ’ing but it was rough because I only had the hood and played in taverns just to boost my name. It felt like my name was falling on deaf ears so I taught myself how to mix hip hop – got some guidance from one of my boys, and I fell involve with Trap music and I think it also stems from the Krump days because I loved the Krump beats,” he says.

People normally have misconceptions and assume being/becoming a DJ is an easy job. Do share your fair trials within the game?

“The game is tough to be honest! There’s a lot of talented DJ’s out there – guys who have built their names and you come as ‘the new kid on the block’, obviously people will try block you from coming in. You get the cold shoulder because everyone sees you as a threat to their bread. It’s also tough when you don’t know the promoters because they hold the keys and they already have their ‘go to guys’ so impressing them is also a hard mission but it’s doable”.

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You have been in the industry for 7 years to be precise. Would you say you are where you should be within the entertainment industry?

“Honestly speaking, I’m where I’m supposed to be, I had to realize that it’s not a race. The quicker you get to the top, the quicker you fall. I’m working on Gods timing, ” he says.

Known for speaking your mind, what is your opinion or a main hurdle that holds many DJ’s backs in the industry?

“Comfort holds DJ’s back. Most DJ’s are just doing it for the paper and the passion goes out the window. DJ’s are scared to take risks because they feel like people singing along means your ‘set was dope which is not the only thing that makes a set dope’. When I started clubbing before I even became a DJ, it was about who got the hardest joints on their playlists and DJ’s barely repeated songs. Now DJ’s just repeat songs that another DJ played before”.

You hold/possess a very impressive resume. Who has been your favorite artist to work with thus far besides Nasty C (ha-ha)?

Laughs.. “I have worked with a lot of artists but for me aside from Nasty C it has to be Tellaman. ‘You know when you see someone trying to surpass himself from his last work’. Tellaman comes with heat on every song from the lyrics to the flows to the delivery and he is his own competition. If you don’t believe me ‘God Decides’ the album drops on the 2nd of Feb, Pre- Order and get it”.


Name 3 DJ’s you look up to and have inspired the DJ that you are today?

“Three DJ’s… I look up to have to be Black Coffee, Tira and on the Hip Hop side my boy, my brother PH. The work ethic is impeccable” Wobbly says.

Facial tats are daring, what was the cause or the inspiration behind your ‘Family First’ tatt.

“It’s honestly a reminder to me that when I get to where God takes me, I need to start at home first before I live my best life. Imagine how many people ask me ‘Was it sore’ or ‘ I dig your tattoo’ how I can I ever forget to start at home,” he laughs.

The last song we heard from you was Ghost, does the silence mean you are cooking    something up and it’s dropping soon?

“Got a single in the pipeline ready to take it to the top but everything works with timing. I’m dropping in a month or 2 featuring The Coolest Kids in Africa Nasty C & Tellaman called Payola. You guys are in for a treat”.

2019 is the ‘Year for everything Dope’! Do you believe your brand falls under the same 2k19 Mantra?

“2019 I’m taking everything I do seriously, from management, to investing in the brand fully and focusing on my music. We can’t be hearing the same names every year, and I’m tired of being an underdog, so I’m bringing full heat this year.”


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