Doing it the Nanni way

In the land of the rising sun of Mpumalanga, Eulender embarks on various initiatives that aim to empower the young people of Nelspruit. She is the founder of XiluvaXamama, a Non-profit organization which was formed in July 2017 in order to assist people suffering with Anorexia Nervosa. We had a sit down with her. 

Eulender Nanni, that name has a nice ring to it. Who is she?

She is free spirited, confident and an independent woman. Passionate about life, intelligent and opinionated. I think I have a weird sense of humor and I love travelling and learning new things. I live boldly and stylishly and I possess a sensual persona. Soft yet a boss lady, I know when to be mother and when to be a lioness.

How was the experience of being Mrs Mpumalanga Ambassador?

It was the best experience ever as I had the opportunity to touch lives and impact my community positively. I have grown a lot also as an individual since 2017; I became more confident in starting things I had been scared of doing. There have been challenges and disappointments but I learnt how to deal with them.

You have worked and continue to work as an Ambassador for Mpumalanga even after the title as expired, what drives that?

To see young people become better and excel in different fields; making a mark on someone’s life, these are things that make me happy. I see this as my life’s purpose.

If you weren’t living in Nelspruit, where would you choose to live?

Milan Italy (the Fashion capital)

From a practicing Accountant to a Fashionista. Where did the love for fashion start?

Since I was a child, I would make my own clothing from my mother’s left over materials since she was a part-time dressmaker. I used to draw dresses and miniskirts and mimic what my mom was doing, just to show her that I have her talent. I never knew it would develop into total love for fashion.

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You do quite a lot for the youths of MP, especially in the area of fashion, arts and entertainment. What will you say is the perfect reward for all your efforts?

To see them succeed, that is the greatest reward as it shows what I am doing it’s not going to waste/in vain.

When Logan was crowned Face of Mbombela – 1st Princess; Perseverance was selected as one of the models for the Soweto Fashion Show and Precious got a bursary at Boston Media College, I just beam with joy. I have many stories of the young ones I mentor who turn out to be successful.

You are an MC, events organizer, fashion designer, model and accountant. Which role do you enjoy doing the most, and why?

MC – I get to be drama queen; change outfits and entertain the audience. I get to live on stage and I really enjoy what I do. I always wanted to be an actor but when my mom did not see a future in that career, I had to choose my second love which was Accounting.

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