Crocs South Africa Encourages Diversity & Style

With the aim to remind South Africans of how fashion and self-expression are intertwined, Crocs South Africa partnered with key social media content creators in Heritage Month to showcase their style and what heritage means to them.

These content creators were identified as “One-Of-A-Kinds” to bring more personal meaning to the “Come As You Are” brand message and welcome all Crocs fans to express their individuality and be comfortable in their own shoes.

One particular heritage story which stood out was that of Tamara Moeng – together with her team, Tamara replicated an album cover of the iconic Hugh Masekela while wearing Crocs as she felt that our local music has been telling stories about our country, where we are and where we are coming from. “From pop culture to who we are, all can be found in our music. Thus I partnered with Crocs SA to create this Hugh Masekela artwork and inspire those around me to ‘Come As You Are’ through one’s heritage and fashion” says Tamara.

As a proclamation to the CrocNation, the “Come As You Are” campaign is meant to evoke action among fans, urging them to stand up and stand out when expressing their individuality and comfortably doing so in a pair of Crocs. “The ‘Come As You Are’ brand message represents diversity in regards to ages, backgrounds, beliefs, orientations and abilities,” explains Ally Petersen, Crocs SA Marketing Manager.


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