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Jifa Azumah

Byron Gindra is a 17 year old musician,singer and song writer.  From the age of 9 Byron knew his purpose and passion for music. In 2015 he attended the Drakensburg Boys Choir and then in 2017 was spotted by an International sout Kim Myers, taking him from SA to USA.

His greatest achievements thus far were making it to 2nd place out of 500 musicians at the International Arts Talent Showcase and then making it to the top 100 on American Idols “Your son is a Star”.

From a young age music has been your passion, at the age of 9 how did you know that this is the career you would pursue and follow through with?

“I think it was something that was always just in me and that I felt sure of. Music makes me feel alive and free, it motivates me in every aspect of life and helps me express myself as a person, artist and an icon”, he says.


How has your family played a role in the success you are just minutes away from?

“They have always supported me since I was young  and I am so grateful for that because I think there are a lot of people who are trying to chase their dreams and don’t get the support of their family. My grandfather taught me how to play the guitar and I’ve been  watching him perform since I was around 2, I think as time went on and I would watch him on stage. I knew I wanted to be on a stage like that, then the next thing I was dreaming of  stages as big as Madison Square Gardens”.

How did it feel to be head hunted by International Scout Kim Myers, to perform at the International Arts Talent Showcase?

“The whole ARTS journey was honestly so amazing for me and I think it is a great opportunity for young artists to learn and experience certain elements of the entertainment industry and for them to network with producers, casting directors, A&R companies, other artists and talent agencies. IATS has opened so many doors for me”, he explains.

Making it to top 14 on American Idols must have been overwhelming, would you say you’ve reached your pinnacle as a musician?

“I made the top 14 out of 6000 in Orlando for auditions and top 100 out of 60000 in America. I would say that i’ve come further than I was but I’ll know i’ve made it when I sell out Madison Square Garden”.

How excited were you to meet an International star such as Katy Perry?

“Pretty excited. It was kind of crazy to just walk into the room and see Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. It was a surreal and blessed moment”, he says proudly.

How would you say the music industry differs in the USA to SA?

“I would say in terms of the level of professionalism and work ethic, the USA takes the cake however that’s just my opinion. Music is music at the end of the day. I’ll make it work wherever I am”.

Have you done any collaborations with international artists or Djs?

“I’ve done a song called “Ghosts” with international singer/songwriter named Sandi Thom, you might recognise her from her hit single ‘punk rocker’ But I have a lot of new collabs happening so stay tuned”, he adds.


What doors did being on American Idols open for you?

“I would say it helped people take me more seriously as an artist and what I can do. Which is nice for me because people are more open to giving me a chance to show them what I’m capable of now”.

 Are there any surprises in the pipelines regarding your music career?

“Oh definitely. There are so many exciting things in the making right now. International but some local stuff too! Unfortunately, I can’t really speak much about it just yet but if you follow me on Instagram, I’ll keep you posted about new songs coming out, collabs and many more exciting things”.


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