Budding Maskandi Artist Pays Tribute To The Late Zulu King

Honeydew’s Maskandi pride and joy, Khulekani Mnyovu Mchunu from Nongoma, the birthplace of His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuZulu has paid tribute to the Zulu Monarch following his departure.

“In the Zulu culture, a king doesn’t die but Iyakhothama (meaning it bows down),” Mnyovu quickly corrected in respect to the late traditional leader.

Mnyovu was born and bred in Nongoma not too far from the Kwakhethomthandayo Royal Palace which was one of his homes and resting place of the king.

The proud Zulu traditional singer uttered the following words to the King and his fans mourning his departure. “Beautiful nation of KwaZulu-Natal let’s try and be comforted by the passing of the Lion, our father and King of our nation. Let us always be reminded of all the good deed that he has done for our nation. I agree, the pain is overwhelming, but His spirit will forever be with us, guiding us as he did when he was alive,” Mnyovu expressed.

Among many roles the King played, he was instrumental in peacekeeping, and he fought for the land distribution to the people, implemented health campaigns for his people and also encouraged young women to remain pure until marriage through the annual reed dance.

About Mnyovu’s musical journey, he said it all started as a young rural boy who would emulate some of the renditions that were performed by his father, a guitarist, and brother of songs of the late great Maskandi artist uMfaziomnyama, and living music legend Hhashielimhlophe.

In 2014, Mchunu decided to take his talent seriously after realizing the potential he had and the message he wanted to get across using his voice.

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Since realizing this talent, Myovu has independently released two albums under his production company Ezomnyovu productions, which also produces short films.

Currently, he is to release the much-anticipated music video for his hit single Niyangzonda (You guys hate me) – a song he wrote when he felt that he was being overlooked by the industry colleagues, friends, and family because of his economic struggles.

The music video drops at the end of the month.

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