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In celebrating Wonder Women in South Africa, Blazon Magazine had a chance to sit with HRH Queen Nombulelo Ngomane. She shares about her journey and responsibilities as a mother to the community, philanthropist and her plans for the black child.

A brief background of HRH Queen Nombulelo Ngomane

I was born and raised eNhlazatshe, Mpumalanga. I hail from a close knit extended family and a 3rd born from my maternal side. I am a woman of God, a devoted wife to Inkosi Hhoyi II, Make weSive sabakaNgomane ka Hoyi, loving Mother, a natural care giver and Philanthropist.

Would you classify yourself as a Wonder Woman, and why?

I characterize a wonder woman as a compassionate, caring, fierce born warrior. As an activist for children, the youth, advocate for women fighting against gender in equality, I embody the wonder woman role as a catalyst for change in my community and around the globe. I have also taken some great lessons from the original Wonder Woman character; one of  which I have applied in my own life, that is to learn to tap in to uncharted territories. And what fascinates me about wonder woman is that she knows when to let others shine.

How does it feel like being in a ‘modern-day’ Royal family and being a Queen?

Being in a royal family is more than a position. It is not just about being on the throne and being superior; but it is a responsibility that one cannot run away from. You are not elected but it’s by birth, so you find yourself in that position. It is a responsibility where one has to be second than being first, the people are always the first priority, it is not what people have made it to be, that the people serve the royal family, but in fact the other way around where the family has to serve the people. The community is an immediate family to the royal family and whatever happens should be at the best interest of the people.

Like in the book of Esther in the bible, Esther came to realize that the position she was called into was to save the Jewish nation than just occupying throne. She had to be the mediator between the people and the King, she became the voice for the people. She was even willing to die for the people and that is what I believe is an example of how a royal family should be. The Royal Family is the voice for the people, and we have the ability to effect change in the society since we have the tools and platforms to make things happen for the people of our society.

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As a Queen (inkosikati/Make wesive) the needs of the people have to be met by you for not only are you a mother to your children but you are a mother to the nation each person in that kingdom is your child and has to be treated as such. To me being a Queen is not about being modern or not but it is about fulfilling my duties as a Mother in the best possible way I can. The wellbeing of all my children is my only priority and I draw my inspiration and strength form the book of Esther and I try to follow her techniques as best as I can.

What role do you think African monarchs and Traditional rulers have to play building the South Africa we all want.

South Africa is a special country because of our people, and we must take our rightful place among the great nations of the world to play our active role in society by ensuring that we work hand in hand with political leaders, government and private sector for the betterment of our country. We are custodians of culture, we are responsible for the overall moral regeneration of our society and especially to the young generation. We have a duty to the boy and girl child to teach, build, guide and empower. Our identity, values, norms, customs and diverse cultures is at risk of being neglected due to western ways of living being overly popularized. African leaders / African monarchs need to collaborate and play a leading role in a holistic global view and push the African agenda forward across the spheres of human growth.

Do you think African monarchies still have any purpose in this modern world?

Monarchs have a power to unify, my dream is to see the South African government tap in to the power of monarchs to collaborate in creating United South Africans; empowered communities and most importantly creating awareness by means of history lessons on the South African Royal Families. I believe in the African proverb that says “ in order to know where you are going; you must know where you come from ” Where there is no monarchy there is anarchy, Where there is anarchy there is no culture nor identity, because you would have removed the symbol of your being as an African.

The Black Female child is faced with different challenges, from poor education, poverty to domestic violence and starvation. If you had the power, what will be that one problem you fight to stop facing young female African children

Early childhood marriage – It is estimated that 140 million girls will become child brides between 2011 and 2020. Girls who marry before the age of 18 are typically denied an education, at risk of complications related to premature childbearing and more vulnerable to intimate partner violence. As a Mother it pains me to see our daughters being sold to this modern day type of slavery and the entire global community needs to help eradicate this practice.

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Inkosikati LaMdluli Foundation has been in existence since 2014. What will you say are some of the projects you have worked on?

Imbali Camp –  A sisterhood program aimed to educate young girls between the ages of 11 and 18 years with focus on culture, sexual reproduction, teenage pregnancy, menstrual health and cohabitation.

Future Leaders – A program designed for the youth which focuses on education, technology, social and economic development.

Kingdom Queens – A faith based initiative designed for women by women. Empowerment program for women in rural and semi urban areas, female professionals with focus on spiritual well-being, social and economic development. Our aim is to facilitate stimulating conversation, a positive personal image and self-discovery for all the women we are able to reach.

What differentiates your Foundation from other foundations and charity organizations?

We are a faith based organization, with a holistic approach, assisting all humanity facing different social ills and not limited by race, age, gender, sexual orientation, creed and background. As Make weSive I cater for all humanity.

You exude dignity and carry yourself with so much grace. What are some qualities you would love to share with young ladies?

It is of critical importance for every individual to know who they are and what they represent in order to align with your personal brand. Identify your passion, follow it through with utmost diligence, honor, pride, respect, dedication and the universe will respond to your calling and gift.

What will you want the Queen Nombulelo Ngomane legacy to be?

I want to see the girl and boy child thriving because they are the future leaders of this world, I want to see women empowered because when you empower a woman you empower the nation and that will lead to a generation of an empowered society inclusive of Men.


Images Courtesy: Flash That Studio

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