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Black Friday Is Not Black To Some

Nhlanhla Mabaso

It’s a well known fact that people enjoy Friday as it is the last day of the week, leading them to the weekend however the hype for Black Friday is a bit different as it escalates to a high note.

Black Friday is known as a day where people purchase things at a cheaper or lower price where stores have sales and discounts for customers.

This morning at about 1 am, while others were still asleep, many others never slept as they made their way into different shopping centres and malls of their choices where they lined up in anticipation for the stores to open.


Game is one of the stores that’s always full because of its discount on electronics, such as Televisions, Microwaves and Irons. On different social media videos, we see that when Game opens its doors, crowds become uncontrollable as they make their way inside to purchase their goods and no one wants to leave empty handed, one would actually assume everything is free of charge.

While others think this is a good initiative, some don’t think it is. Blazonmagazine spoke to Sthobekile Gcwensa, a resident who is not in support of this day, “Until there are sales on shares and properties on this day, it will just remain a joke to the history of black people, in fact, this is a system of hand to mouth living because if you look carefully the sale are only on items that are pretty much useless”.

Others claim this is one of the things that make people broke. Ayanda Ngubane says this can’t be referred to as a day that benefits people while it leaves them broke, “Some of them don’t even pay for important things first, they go to the stores and spend all their savings and then by the time all is over, they realise how much of a waste they did.”

Although some think this day is a waste of money and time, many still think it’s a good one and they will remain in favour of it.

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