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Afrobeat’s Superstar Maquinox Releases Lyric Video For Hot New Single ‘Ifo ne-eme’

Nigerian hitmaker MAQUINOX has released a single, Ifo ne-E~me feat Akapy to the South African market. The upbeat single tells the story of a beautiful young woman from Maquinox’s home-country.

Watch the Lyrics Video here

What was the inspiration for the single?

The song Ifo-ne-eme is a dance track that was inspired by true events. It tells about the story of a girl with a captivating beauty that caught my eyes” says Maquinox.

More about Maquinox’s background

I was born and bred in the city of Benin in Edo State, Nigeria. The State is known as the heartbeat of the nation. I am from a polygamous family of 9 kids and 3 moms. Growing up, music and football has always been my passion but music and football were frankly not accepted by most parents as a career choice for their kids.

How did you become a singer and songwriter?

As a kid I was inspired by good sounds and slowly fixed the lyrics together,  I gained more skills in music as I listened and mimicked my favorite artists at the time and I  gained a great sense of reality in music while listening to the songs of the great Fela Kuti.

Ifo-ne-eme is my first official released single from my official EP ” The Income-ing “. The album contains 9 quality and fabulous tracks, which is a must listen for everyone.

This single is the result of hard work by many talents including Bobby Combz (Producer/Artist), Akapay (Producer/Artist), Derby (Artist) Uchezzy (Producer) and myself. Moving forward, my team and I are working music videos while cooking up some intriguing sounds for my next release in January 2021.


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