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Selective Styles on 5 presenter Kid Fonque has been in Europe this month on a promotional tour, meeting with producers and artists on the continent. The DJ, who has long been associated with his role in the electronic dance music culture in South Africa, has been consistent in his quest for bringing the country the best in music for close on 20 years. We caught up with him as he traverses Europe, while continuing to bring us his weekly show from new locations with exclusive content. You can catch Kid Fonque on air every Sunday, 17:00 – 19:00.

You’ve been in Europe this month from Berlin to London, Paris and Germany, what were you doing on the trip and where else on the continent are you visiting?

My main focus has been to push my record label Stay True Sounds and myself as Kid Fonque.  We have a beautiful deep house scene that makes an incredible amount of productions from South Africa.  I am heavily involved in that scene and need to push this output to the world.  First stop is Europe and I have repped our sound at all my gigs and it’s been amazing.  It really feels like it is a brand-new sound for the audience I’m playing to, which is exciting.

What were some of the highlights of the trip, moments worth remembering?

So many!  I’m in the middle of it now, in London, some quick ones, my gig in Milan was ridiculous, playing my first time in Paris at Djoon and then debuting at the legendary Ministry of Sound London.

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You are a true ambassador for African electronic music, what do you believe we have to offer the music world?

So much!  The focus export has always been mainstream music like amapiano and Qgom but there is another layer of music people in the underground need to discover from SA. That’s my job and I am opening some doors.

What is the European reception to our music, artists and our stories?

Really amazing, I was surprised about how much they actually know about what I represent and the music and artists that surround me.  I think there has been a genuine curiosity about what going on down south but to show and play them another side of our sound has been really good and I feel like this is just the beginning of a relationship between myself and Europe.

Can we expect any new music with some collaborations with any global artists/producers?  

Yes, plenty but I can’t say with who just yet:)

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