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Sun Xa Experiment releases latest single, Bayede

Bayede is the single from our upcoming album titled “Umculo Umuthi” which simply translates to “Music is Medicine” and with Music we believe we heal with every performance.

The single is the 4th song on the album and it is an acknowledgement of who we are as kings and queens in a form of a greeting. We say Bayede to each and every individual to acknowledge their power and ability. And also to see each individual as a “Royal Highness” in their own right and or sense. Life will be a lot simpler and easer if we were able to see and praise ones greatness, no matter where they come from. The song continue to echo the words of one’s individual inner voice. To know that we are greater than any bad or hardships that come our way.

The song is also a reminder on how each individual has the power to overcome any hardships. We live in a world that is filled with depression. And Depression is the most silent and deadliest villain one can come across with in the 21st century. Trying so hard to hear your inner positive voice and the negative voice over shadows the positive. We say “Bayede to you and that there is no one like you or greater than you” to let those words be a melody and a rhythm in your heart, and a constant reminder that you are GREAT. No need for validation for you’ve got this in anyway.


Artist: Sun Xa Experiment
Song: Bayede
Composers : B. Njoko / K. More / T. Mkhize / M. Zwane / S. Mngidi / B. Watte / L. SEitei

Track link:

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