2020 is still a good year – Triumph Mbiva

Hailing from the village called Justicia in Bushbuckridge, in the Mpumalanga province, Triumph has beaten the odds of what is expected from someone coming  from a disadvantaged community that  lacks inspiration and role models. Triumph Mbiva is a young woman who is truly living up to her meaningful name, as a rare breed and a barrier breaker in a society that she comes from. She is the co-founder and heads the HR department for MRDB Accounting and Tax Advisory Firm, a transformational speaker and coach, presenter and a Mrs South Africa 2019 finalist.

Inspired by her life story, Triumph and a friend have started an upcoming lifestyle television reality show The Catch Up Corner, which focuses on sharing raw and real stories of South African women from all walks of life with the motive to induce and awaken hope in the society. She shares some tips on keeping hope alive

2020 has been a quite difficult year for many. How do you keep inspired and motivated, despite all the challenges this year?

All things work together for good, and nothing has ever caught God by surprise! I learned in my early years that successful and resilient people are those who are able to adjust to changing circumstances, and 2020 was that testing year. If anything is certain, it is that change is certain and in all situations I’ve learned to be optimistic and look for opportunities in the midst of a crisis. With so many dreams and plans put to a stand still due to COVID 19 I decided to spend my time perusing an online course with the University Of Cape Town and planning my up coming reality TV show.


My eagerness for personal growth and development keeps me motivated, with the understanding that no one can walk that path for us but we ourselves must walk it.

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Do you have a daily mantra you love to live by?

‘Let go of the past, today is another opportunity to do better and be better.”

What do you love most about being a motivational speaker?

Motivational speaking to me started as poetry, because I spent most of my late teen years alone. I used poetry as therapy and to vent my emotions and in the process I found my own healing and answers. By sharing my personal life journey and how I escaped the chains, I realized that others found their own healing and liberation. But today I can boldly confess that I connect to a deeper sense of healing and purpose every time I share my stories to evoke hope, and it is fulfilling  to know that by sharing my own vulnerability I am helping others to face their own giants and move the mountains before them to realize a life of limitless possibilities.

Can you share motivational tips on how to finish this year strong?

  • 2020 is still a good year.
  • Its not over and till its over.
  • Great things can still emerge out of tribulations and chaos.
  • Life’s greatest opportunities are usual birthed in difficulties.
  • We have within us the courage and wisdom to salvage the remainder of the year and produce something great out of it.
  • The difference between those who will give up and the those who will make something out of this year, is the difference of hope, so keep the faith.
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How was it being a Top 25 Mrs South Africa finalist?

It was a life changing experience that I cannot trade for anything. You truly never know how strong you are until you intentionally put yourself in situations where you have no option but to dig into your inner courage. And if we are intentional about building and finding our strength we do find it in the verge of what we thought is too big for us.

What are some of the benefits of you participating in the Mrs South Africa?

My key take away from the pageant was the recognition of the power that lies inside a focused and a dedicated mind. We can achieve absolutely everything we ever dreamt of, if we can put in all our effort and undivided attention to make it possible. As a young woman who grew up obese, I had no experience whatsoever with pageants but making it as a Mrs South Africa finalist made me realize that one can fight a new battle with no frame of reference and win anyway; through the power of a positive and dedicated mindset!

Plans to compete in other pageants?

Hahahah! Not sure as yet, but as they say ‘’a wise woman always changes her mind,”

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