10 Things to Know About Silke Bucker

Making sure that a brand is in it’s best form is no easy task, yet Brand Director of Castle Lite Africa, Silke Bucker makes it look so stress-free – nothing but respect should be shown to this powerhouse. It is easy to be afraid and think that she is not like the normal everyday person but here are 10 facts about Silke Bucker that will convince you otherwise and understand the world from her point of view.

  1. Travelling, reading and exercising are her favourite forms of relaxation from the busy lifestyle that she leads.

“It is important to take the time to reflect, to rejuvenate and to then move forward. I train, read and travel – those moments allow me the clarity to think about the next move and maintain my balance”, she mentions.

  1. In her working career, her biggest inspiration is the powerhouse Andrea Quay.

“My biggest inspiration in my career was probably Andrea Quay. The first female Marketing Vice President for this company and a woman with ambition and drive like none other I have experienced.  She taught me that with hard word, consistency and constant reflection you will achieve your goals”, she says.

Cracking the Silke Bucker Code


  1. The Kruger National Park is her favourite destination in South Africa

She explains “I love the Kruger National park, it is my favourite place in the world and we are so lucky to have it right here. My family also lives by the coast so when I get some time I pop down to see them.”

  1. With the magnitude of South African talent that exists, she doesn’t have a favourite artist

“We have such great talent that it is hard to choose!” Indeed, that is true.

  1. Her hard working team is the main reason why she able to stay motivated within her career.

“I have the coolest team in the world, so going to work is FUN and that has been such a big learning for me,” she says.

  1. She is a huge believer in women succeeding in what they do and never to back down.

“I believe that we are all different and we need to act in the workplace, in a way that is true to who we are as individuals. That looks different for everyone but at the end, fight for your seat at the table, and when you get at the table, lean in and leave your voice behind,” she emphasises.

  1. Innovation and research are keys on how she is able to keep the Castle Lite brand flying high

“We keep an eye on culture, we always know what is going on and we have fans who share with us what they want to experience. We are the most innovative brand in beer and we stay true to that promise, working hard bringing experiences that no one else can,” she mentions.

  1. As a proud South African herself, she knows and believes that the world will see more of the gift this country holds

“We are at the cusp of something great – the world is looking to Africa, we are the change makers and this is where change is going to come from. The opportunities are endless, all you have to do is put yourself out there, work hard and have a voice,” she explains.

  1. Being the overachiever that she is, her goals never remain the same. She is always scouting for new challenges

“My goals shape and evolve as I progress in my career. Starting out, I wanted to be at the head of one of our brands, but now, my goals are a bit more rounded.  I want to leave an impact with people – I want to develop and grow talent through my teams and agency partners and enable them with skills and confidence to navigate their way towards their goals.  Marketing has always been my passion and what excites me is the opportunity to use the influence of our brands to shape the beautiful culture on our continent,” she says.

  1. To her, the youth are the voice of change and it is essential for her to listen to their needs

“The positivity and desire to not just progress for themselves but for their families, their continent and now the world is amazing to witness. They want to converse and they have opinions – this backed with some experience will drive true change,” Bucker explains.

One can surely be excited as to what else Silke Bucker has to offer, as she knows the destination that she embarks on will hold great treasure ahead and we are thrilled on what it may be.

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